About KJT Law Group, LLP

KJT Law Group, LLP is a dynamic law firm located in Glendale, California dedicated to providing clients with legal representation and consultation that is efficient, and results-oriented.  Our committed team of attorneys has dedicated their lives to fighting for social justice in their communities and around the world. 

We focus on personal injury, worker's compensation, landlord-tenant issues, and employment law including wage and hour claims.

Founding Partners

CASPAR JIVALAGIAN, Esq. is a founding partner of KJT Law Group, LLP. Prior to KJT Law Group, Jivalagian worked with several prominent law firms throughout the Los Angeles area specializing in workers' compensation, personal injury and class action suits. 

Jivalagian acquired extensive judicial experience while clerking with the Honorable Judge Keosian in 2011. Jivalagian drafted legal opinions, conducted legal research, and strategized with the judge on complex matters.    

Jivalagian has profound interest in community development and politics and has held several board and chairmanship positions in the United Human Rights Council, Armenian National Committee of America,  and Armenian Youth Federation. Jivalagian regularly travels to Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Washington D.C., and Sacramento to meet with legislators in an effort to promote human rights and justice. Jivalagian’s passion in law derives from his desire for equality and justice among all people. He has dedicated his personal and professional life towards that end. 
Jivalagian is licensed to practice law in the state of California and the US District Court, Central District of California.

VACHE THOMASSIAN, Esq. MIA is a founding partner of KJT Law Group, LLP. In addition to being a practicing attorney, Thomassian has experience in development consulting and legal reform. Thomassian holds a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) where his area of concentration was Economic and Political Development with a specialization in International Conflict Resolution. While at Columbia, Thomassian was a Luys Foundation Scholar working with an international network of Armenian students from top universities around in the world. 

Thomassian earned his Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles where he studied Civil Rights litigation as well as Genocide law. Prior to law school he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Thomassian is passionate about the local community as well as developmental work internationally. He serves on the Board of Directors of several nonprofit and social justice organizations.  

Thomassian is licensed to practice law in the state of California and the US District Court, Central District of California.

Of Counsel

Garo Madenlian.jpg

GARO MADENLIAN, Esq. - Criminal Law

Attorney Garo Madenlian has years of experience as a Deputy District Attorney where as a prosecutor he handled countless misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, as well as numerous appeals. He has had impressive results in over 50 jury trials, preliminary hearings, probation violation hearings and evidentiary hearings related to various legal issues including the suppression of evidence. He was also assigned to the San Bernardino County Drug court where those addicted to narcotics participated in counseling and rehabilitation programs in lieu of prison.

As a prosecutor, Mr. Madenlian honed his skills as a trial attorney and now brings these skills and knowledge to defending the accused, effectively anticipating tactics and staying a step ahead. He vigorously represents those who have been charged with a crime and those who have unfortunately been injured. While at the District Attorney’s office, he worked in close partnership with police officers, detectives, bank investigators, retail store loss prevention agents, toxicologists, criminalists, and other prosecutors. He oversaw and directed investigations, conducted trainings for law enforcement and private companies.

As a trial attorney, Mr. Madenlian’s vast experience in the courtroom allows him to effectively select juries, introduce evidence, cross examine witnesses, and passionately argue for those he represents. He uses his real life experience and insight gained as DA to serve and defend the rights of those he represents. In addition to personal injury matters, his criminal cases include driving under the influence (DUI); drug possession including sales and transportation; prostitution and sex crimes; manslaughter; assaults and batteries; violent crimes with great bodily injury (GBI); petty thefts, residential and commercial burglaries; weapons charges; domestic violence; and complex identity theft and embezzlement cases.

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PAUL CAPUTO, Esq. - Business Litigation

Attorney Paul Caputo has represented small business owners and individuals since November 1995. Prior to being an attorney, Mr. Caputo was part owner to a family business. He was a business executive his entire adult life. As a business executive, Mr Caputo 's primary function was managing the financial and legal affairs of his apparel manufacturing business. He commenced practicing law, after he sold his business.

Mr. Caputo represented businesspeople in his first few years of practice. He defended them against commercial lenders and other financial institutions whenever the business owner had financial difficulties. He also formed over 50 corporations and LLC's. He litigated many partnership and shareholder disputes, as well as breach of contract cases.

In 1998, Mr Caputo expanded his legal expertise by preparing estate planning (such as trusts), primarily for business people and for single parents. For some clients, he emphasized the trusts into tax planning and asset protection.

In 2009, Mr. Caputo began litigating against large banks who were unfairly foreclosing on the homes of individual homeowners. Throughout the years, Mr .Caputo has gained the respect of the lenders. The vast majority of the banks are currently accommodating Mr. Caputo without the need of much further litigation.

Ani Barsamian, Esq.

ANI BARSAMIAN, Esq. - Estate Planning and Probate

Attorney Ani Barsamian's practice focuses on Estate Planning and Probate law. Prior to founding The Law Office of Ani Barsamian, Ani was an associate attorney at an Estate Planning law firm where she created comprehensive estate plans for individuals, families and business owners. She was also the lead content writer for LawInfo.com where she wrote about and discussed various legal issues and trends. Mrs. Barsamian focuses her practice on creating customized and unique estate plans tailored to each of her client’s different circumstances. Her services range from creating a basic estate plan which includes a Will, a Living Trust, an Advanced Health Care Directive, and a Durable Power of Attorney for Finances to formulating more complex plans. Each estate plan reflects her client’s goals and desires while also ensuring that tax burdens are minimized, family harmony is maintained, and practical solutions are reached.

Mrs. Barsamian is licensed to practice law in the state of California and the US District Court, Central District of California.

KJT Law Team

Aleena Sivazlian - Office Manager

Aleena Sivazlian - Office Manager

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Cynthia Keyllian - Legal Assistant

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Rocio Lopez - Intake Coordinator

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Gasia Chaparro- Accounts Manager

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Patil Derderian - Legal Extern

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