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Understanding Cumulative Trauma Injuries: California Workers Comp Explained

Under California Workers’ Compensation law, cumulative injuries qualify for workers’ compensation benefits even if they occur over a period of time rather than in one incident.

Basically there are two types of workplace injuries. One is a workplace injury which is generally referred to as a specific injury and the second one is cumulative trauma.

What are Cumulative Trauma Injuries?

Cumulative trauma injuries are conditions that develop over a period of time due to the nature of the injured person’s work.  Examples of cumulative injury include things like carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder injuries, or knee injuries, all of which can develop and worsen over time until they are severe enough to require medical attention.  Cumulative injuries are very complicated and require detailed expert testimony in order to be successful.

Medical professionals have a much better understanding of so-called cumulative trauma injuries and occupational diseases than they did even 10 or 15 years ago.

Cumulative injuries can occur from repeated work activity such as hammering nails, kneeling, lifting or pulling. Occupational diseases may result continued exposure to hazardous chemicals, loud noises or toxic fumes.

We Know How to Build a Strong Worker Compensation Case

At KJT Law Group, we understand how to collect ample medical evidence to support a workers’ compensation claim regarding a work-related cumulative injury. We have tried successful cases for lower back injuries, carpal tunnel or other repetitive stress injuries, or even psychiatric problems caused by work-related stress.

Also, a cumulative injury does not have to originate from work for your current employer in order to collect workers’ compensation benefits. If, for example, you suffered a knee injury that has been exacerbated by your current job, you may be able to collect benefits.

Allow an Experienced California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Help

If you believe you may have suffered a cumulative trauma injury you should contact an attorney immediately to discuss you particular claim. Whether your work injury resulted from a single accident or over time, it is a good idea to have a knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer in your corner. Call us at (818) 507-8525 or contact us for a free consultation. We will go over all the facts of your case and recommend the best ways to move forward.

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