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3 Dangers That Increase Accidents Around the Holidays

While all holidays pose a potential risk to drivers on the road, the stretch between Halloween and New Year’s is particularly dangerous for several reasons. During this time, drivers must stay as safe as possible, recognizing the dangers that they may encounter. Below, we’ll detail three of the major dangers that often increase the risk of severe accidents around this time of the year.

Drunk Driving

Most people consider the holidays a time to celebrate—which often includes drinking. Unfortunately, many of the people who do drink end up driving, even if they only consider themselves buzzed. Buzzed or drunk driving can still cause the same problems, making it so that people who drink and drive are some of the most dangerous on the road.

Rideshare Distraction

When rideshare companies first came on the scene, they were introduced as a convenient option and a way to avoid some of the most common acts of negligence. However, rideshare drivers are often just as dangerous as others.

Rideshare drivers rely heavily on their cell phones to use their apps and GPS. They also scan for passengers on sidewalks. These distractions are often enough to put passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians at significant risk of harm.

More Traffic

The holidays often mean more traveling, as well as younger and more inexperienced drivers on the road. With more traffic, there’s always the chance that more accidents can occur, especially as weather conditions worsen and pose numerous threats to safety.

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