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5 Things You Need to Know About Insurance Adjusters

A crash can be devastating in its own right, but when you have to deal with insurance adjusters, it can be even more challenging to endure. Before you move forward, it’s critical to recognize what adjusters are about and how they work during accident claims. Insurance adjusters can make an already traumatic experience significantly more difficult.

At KJT Law Group, we work to help you understand how insurance adjusters handle claims. We want you to have information so that you can avoid having insurance adjusters taking advantage of your rights when you are most vulnerable.

Here are five crucial things to know about insurance adjusters:

They only act friendly.
They put profits over people.
They will use multiple tactics against you.
They know the answers to many of their questions.
They offer low settlements to save money.
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They Only Act Friendly

Insurance adjusters rely on you believing what they tell you, including how much your case is worth. They want to be as friendly as possible so that you trust what they say. However, they work for large companies, and that’s often their way of getting you to work with them instead of with a lawyer.

While you can be cordial with insurance adjusters, you should also be sure to get a lawyer on your side to avoid some of the pitfalls you may encounter. Don’t be fooled by insurance adjusters when they tell you that your claim is simple and can be handled quickly. Make sure you speak with a lawyer first and foremost.

They Put Profits Over People

When someone files a claim, insurance companies take it as a threat to their profit. They may have to pay out thousands of dollars or more for damages when their policyholders cause severe harm. As such, insurance adjusters will do whatever they can to protect profits first and people second.

They Will Use Multiple Tactics Against You

Insurance adjusters have tactics they use to minimize settlements. Aside from acting friendly, they may try to request a recorded statement or use past injuries against you. They hope that you manage your claim alone so that they can use these tactics against you. If something seems too good to be true or too easy with insurance companies, it probably is.

Some of the other tactics they may use against you include:

Delaying your claim, knowing that you need money
Denying your claim completely
Devaluing your claim

They Know the Answers to Many of Their Questions

If insurance adjusters can get you on the phone, they might ask you questions about the accident, your injuries, and the event leading up to the collision. Keep in mind; they may already know the answers to these questions. They just want to get your answers, and if it contradicts what they know, they might try to use your statement against you.

They Offer Low Settlements to Save Money

When insurance adjusters value claims, they look at their own ideas of how much you should recover. Their evaluation is often much less than you deserve because they want to save money. They might offer you a low settlement because they know you need money.

Be sure to speak with a lawyer before accepting anything.

At KJT Law Group, we commit to you and your needs. We work to protect you from insurance adjusters who want nothing more than to protect their profits. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers put your best interests first, working to obtain the most favorable outcome on your behalf. We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

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