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How to Hire a Good Workers Compensation Lawyer in California

If you run into issues with your workers’ comp claim in California, knowing how to hire a good workers’ compensation lawyer is important. Workers’ compensation benefits are essential for most employees hurt on the job. They pay for medical care and rehabilitation and cover your lost income while you heal. However, securing these benefits after a workplace injury isn’t always easy.

If you receive a denial or run into other issues with your workers’ compensation claim, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help. Consider these tips when looking for an attorney to handle your case:

Work With a Firm That Focuses on Workers’ Compensation Cases

hire a good workers compensation lawyer

If you have any concerns about your California workers’ compensation claim, you want to work with an attorney who handles these cases regularly. You want to find a lawyer or firm that specifically focuses on these claims.

These attorneys know how the process works and the people involved in these cases near you. They know how to handle your appeal or legal case and ensure you get the medical care and see the specialists necessary to make the fullest recovery possible.

Your search for a Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer should start with identifying one or more firms you want to learn more about. Most provide free consultations so you can ask questions, and they can evaluate your case with you.

Ask Questions to Evaluate the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you meet with an attorney or workers compensation firm representative during a free consultation, it is essential to ask the right questions. Consider asking about the following topics:

How Many Workers’ Compensation Cases Have You Handled?

The attorney may not offer specific numbers, but you should be able to learn what percentage of their work focuses on injured workers and whether they work primarily on these cases. You want a lawyer who understands California workers’ comp laws inside and out. Their answer should instill confidence in you that they know what they are doing and can manage your case successfully.

Do You Take Workers’ Compensation Cases to Trial?

While no one wants to go to trial, you want an attorney willing to fight for the benefits you need and deserve. When a firm is willing to go to trial to obtain the maximum benefits available in your case, you know they will take the necessary steps to pursue your workers’ compensation aggressively.

What Benefits Are Available to Me If I Get Approval?

The attorney should be able to assess your benefits based on the facts of your case to determine a general answer to this question. According to Workers’ Compensation in California: A Guidebook for Injured Workers, workers’ compensation insurance should cover your medical care costs, lost time (indemnity), necessary retraining costs, and a death benefit for the families of workers who died.

Could the Insurer Deny My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers’ comp insurance companies can and do find ways to reduce a claim’s value or deny it outright. However, there are options if this occurs, and the attorney should explain how their team can help. They can also take over and handle your claim if you run into other issues with the insurer or believe they undervalued your claim and you are entitled to more than they offered.

Can I Sue My Employer or Someone Else Based on My Case Facts?

In most cases, workers cannot sue their employer for a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation is the only option for recovering compensation from their employer during this time. However, there could be exceptions.

In addition, many injured workers have a third-party case against another negligent party that caused their injuries. The law firm should be able to assess your options for a third-party lawsuit during your free consultation. This could allow you to recover additional compensation beyond your workers’ comp benefits, such as more lost income and pain and suffering damages.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

In addition to offering free case reviews for injured workers, California workers’ compensation lawyers go to work on these cases with no upfront fees. Some laws prevent them from charging you for their services out of your own pocket. Instead, they receive fees as a portion of your workers’ compensation benefits.

Learn About Their History With Cases Like Yours

Hire a Good Workers Compensation Lawyer in California

When you meet with someone from a law firm about your case, they should be able to provide information about similar cases. This could include how commonly they handle local workers’ compensation cases, their success rate, and other details. They should be able to offer in-depth information about their case results.

Many people also find testimonials and reviews very telling. They let you know what previous clients believe the firm’s strengths and weaknesses are. Some firms will even connect you with a previous client, so you can learn more about how the process went firsthand. In addition to what the firm provides you, you can seek reviews and testimonials online, from friends and family, and on social media.

Don’t forget to ask about the possibility of a third-party claim, as well. Many workers injured on the job can also pursue compensation through a negligence claim or lawsuit. It is possible to hold an at-fault third-party legally responsible and recover additional compensation in some cases. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can assess if this is an option based on your injuries. If it is possible in your case, you want a lawyer familiar with these claims.

Talk to a Team Member About Your California Workers’ Compensation Case

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