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How Does Medical Evidence Help in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Medical EvidenceWhen someone gets injured in the workplace, they can file a workers’ compensation claim. Usually, to file a claim, they must provide proof their injuries are related to the workplace accident. Some workers believe pictures or visible signs of injury can prove they sustained the injury. In reality, they must prove their injuries by showing medical evidence.

Medical evidence helps in a workers’ compensation claim by proving the injuries occurred. A medical professional’s observations and diagnosis is evidence that can help an injured worker with their workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers obtain the medical evidence needed to prove their injuries.

Proving Your Injuries Require Medical Attention

After sustaining an injury in the workplace, it is critical to seek medical attention immediately. Seeking immediate medical attention starts the documentation trail of your medical history. When someone seeks medical attention immediately, it shows they did everything possible to alleviate the chance of their condition worsening. Doctors can also provide a diagnosis and an initial treatment plan.

When filling out a workers’ compensation claim, the following information is necessary:

  • A medical diagnosis with supporting evidence to prove the diagnosis. Supporting evidence could include diagnostic tests such as an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan.
  • An injured person’s potential of returning to work. A medical professional can typically provide information on when the injured party can return to work by reviewing evidence indicating the severity of their injury and the likelihood of treatments working.
  • The symptoms the injured party experiences through treatments. Medical evidence can provide information about the treatments they have undergone and how much those treatments cost. Evidence can also provide information about the future costs of treatments.
  • How long medical professionals believe the injuries will impact the injured party. Evidence, such as diagnostic tests and records of past treatments, can provide this information.

Medical evidence helps in a workers’ compensation claim by proving the extent of the injuries. Usually, a medical professional must provide their professional opinion for a workers’ compensation claim to get approved.

Necessary Medical Evidence in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Many states have no-fault workers’ compensation policies. Therefore, injured workers don’t have to prove that their injuries occurred because their employer acted negligently. Even if the injury was the worker’s fault, they could receive benefits if it happened at work. This is why providing medical evidence is important to prove the injuries occurred.

Medical evidence the injured party must file in their workers’ compensation claim includes medical bills and medical records.

Medical Bills

Providing evidence of how much medical treatments cost can give the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) valuable information. It lets them know how much the injuries will cost and can give them a sense of how much compensation to provide.

Medical bills can also provide insight into the potential value of future medical costs.

Medical Records

To get workers’ compensation benefits, the injured worker must prove they sustained an injury. The severity of the injury and how much it could impact their life can greatly affect the compensation they receive. Medical records can prove the extent of the injury. Medical professionals can also provide a link between the injury and the workplace accident.

Finding the Right Doctor in a Workers’ Compensation Case

To get the medical evidence needed, it’s important to find a treating physician that will provide solid evidence of the injuries and advocate on the injured party’s behalf.

The doctor treating the injuries can greatly impact the case and the workers’ compensation benefits someone could receive. For example, a doctor can do the following that will impact a workers’ compensation claim:

  • Make a diagnosis: The treating physician should use reliable diagnostic tools to make a diagnosis. They can provide evidence of your injury based on the results of their diagnostic tests.
  • Refer to specialists: If the injury requires a specialist, the doctor should document that they made the referral. The doctor should listen to the injured party to ensure they receive the specialist care they need.
  • Determining if the injured party can work: Making a determination about whether the injured party can return to work in the same capacity can greatly impact a workers’ compensation claim. It is important to find a medical care provider that will create solid evidence indicating why the injured party can or cannot return to work.
  • Determining the level of disability: If the injured party reaches the maximum level of improvement but still cannot work as they did before, the doctor must make a determination about their level of disability. This can help a workers’ compensation case by providing information about someone’s future working capacity.
  • Providing quality documentation: Throughout the entire process, finding a doctor who can provide quality documentation and evidence is key. Medical evidence is very helpful in a workers’ compensation claim. Therefore, it’s essential to find a medical doctor who is willing to provide the necessary evidence.

The treating physician can significantly impact whether a workers’ compensation gets approved or how much compensation someone could receive. That is why it’s important to choose a physician who will advocate for their patient throughout the process to ensure they get the benefits they need. In addition, a workers’ compensation attorney Los Angeles typically has connections with doctors who provide quality care to those who have sustained injuries at work.

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