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5 Things You Must Know About Construction Injuries

Construction sites have heavy machinery and other hazards that can come with a great risk of injury. When someone gets injured on a construction site, they could have to deal with the impacts of the injury for the rest of their life. There are five things you must know about construction injuries to help avoid […]

Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are a common workplace injury that many workers across the country suffer from. When someone performs the same task all day, it can put a lot of stress on their body. Many people who sustain these injuries wonder if they can receive workers’ compensation benefits for repetitive stress injuries. Fortunately for workers […]

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

When someone gets hurt at work, their employer must have workers’ comp insurance. Workers’ comp benefits can help the employee who sustained an injury while at work. However, when someone has a pre-existing injury that is similar to a work-related injury, it can make determining the number of benefits someone can receive more complicated. Many […]

How Does Medical Evidence Help in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When someone gets injured in the workplace, they can file a workers’ compensation claim. Usually, to file a claim, they must provide proof their injuries are related to the workplace accident. Some workers believe pictures or visible signs of injury can prove they sustained the injury. In reality, they must prove their injuries by showing […]

How to Deal With Treatment Authorization Issues in a Workers’ Compensation Case

If you sustain an injury on the job, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. In many cases, you can easily get the medical treatment you need. However, sometimes the insurance company doesn’t authorize the treatment. If this happens, you could have to pay out of pocket. The best way to deal […]

Penalties and Sanctions in Workers’ Compensation

In workers’ compensation claims, sometimes the insurance company doesn’t provide what you need on time. However, there are penalties and sanctions in workers’ compensation cases to discourage this from happening. For example, if the insurance company doesn’t pay on time or authorizes appropriate medical care promptly, they could receive penalties and sanctions. The compensation someone […]

Section 32 Settlement for Workers’ Compensation

A Section 32 settlement for workers’ compensation allows the injured worker and insurance company to settle on a lump sum amount. Once they agree to the settlement, the insurance company will pay the injured party the agreed-upon lump sum. Once the insurance company pays the lump sum, they are no longer required to provide workers’ […]

When Can You Sue an Employer for Workplace Injury

After sustaining an injury at work, many people believe their only recourse is to file for workers’ compensation benefits. While these benefits can help the injured party greatly, unfortunately, there are times when they don’t receive the monetary compensation they need. When this happens, many people wonder when they can sue an employer for a […]

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Healthcare Workers

Medical care providers face health and safety risks every day simply by doing their job. Naturally, there are many workers’ compensation claims for those injured while providing healthcare across the U.S. As a result, healthcare companies must provide workers’ compensation benefits for healthcare workers they employ. When a healthcare worker gets hurt on the job, […]

10 Tips on Handling Your Independent Medical Review in Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured at work, then you may need to undergo an independent medical review. These occur if your employers’ insurance company disagrees with the initial diagnosis you received and wants more information about the status of your injury. It can be overwhelming to face an independent medical review, but you do not need […]

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