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Difference Between State and Federal Workers’ Compensation

The Difference Between State and Federal Workers’ Compensation The main difference between state and federal workers’ compensation is who is covered under each program. Federal workers’ compensation covers all civilian employees of the United States government. This means that military personnel does not qualify for federal workers’ compensation. State workers’ compensation will cover all other […]

How Does a Workers’ Compensation Lien Work?

What Is a Workers’ Compensation Lien? If you are injured at work and file a workers’ compensation claim, your claim is generally filed against your employer’s insurance company and not necessarily and directly against your employer. In the event your workers compensation claim is caused by negligence of a third party you, your employer’s insurance […]

Consequences for Pleading the Fifth Amendment in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Consequences of Filing a Fifth Amendment Petition in a Workers’ Compensation Case The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows people to avoid giving self-incriminating testimony in a legal case. If you are injured in the workplace, you may be asked to testify about your experience. While you can assert your constitutional right against self-incrimination, […]

Do HIPAA Laws Apply to Workers’ Compensation?

Do HIPAA Regulations Apply to Workers’ Compensation? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) creates specific privacy guidelines that govern the disclosure and use of sensitive health information. It limits how it can be disbursed and employed in various situations, including workers’ compensation claims. How HIPAA Laws Apply to Workers’ Compensation To […]

What Is Subrogation in Workers’ Compensation?

What Is Workers’ Compensation Subrogation? Subrogation in a workers’ compensation case occurs when another party can secure a portion of your workers’ compensation benefits. Usually, it comes about in a workers’ compensation case when a third party’s negligence results in your workplace injury. In that case, you would file a personal injury lawsuit against them […]

What Are the Top Causes of Work-Related Back Injuries?

What Are the Most Common Causes of Back Injuries at Work? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), some of the top causes of work-related back injuries include repeated motion, overexertion, awkward posture, and fatigue. Back injuries are a prominent type of work-related injury in the U.S. In fact, the Bureau of Labor […]

What Is a Global Settlement in Workers’ Compensation?

What Is a Workers’ Compensation Global Settlement? A global settlement in workers’ compensation is a lump sum settlement paid to the claimant in exchange for closing their case. They are typically used for workers with a concurrent third-party personal injury case related to the workplace injury. Some workers’ compensation laws require the claimant to pay […]

What Is a Ghost Workers Compensation Policy

What Is a Ghost Workers Comp Policy? A ghost workers’ compensation policy is cost-effective and does not offer any real insurance benefits. It exists only so that businesses or contractors with no employees can state that they have workers’ comp insurance and continue to do business legally. If the business or contractor later hires an […]

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