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Traveling While on Workers’ Compensation Two Things to Know

A workplace injury or illness can limit your physical ability and mobility. If you feel up to traveling for a vacation or any other reason, there is no law that prevents you from doing so. However, it could have negative implications for your case. For example, it might hinder your recovery if you have to […]

Can an Employer Cancel Health Insurance While on Workers’ Compensation?

An employer cannot terminate your health insurance while you’re on workers’ compensation out of spite or retaliation. However, certain situations could lawfully let them terminate your coverage. This could make it difficult to pay for necessary medical treatments in the aftermath of an on-the-job injury. If you have concerns about being treated fairly by your employer […]

How Do FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Work Together?

If you are injured or become ill at work, you could be entitled to both FMLA coverage and workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer is not required to make both programs available simultaneously. Instead, they should let you choose which program provides you with the most appropriate rights and benefits. Every injured employee will have a unique […]

Can Independent Contractors Get Workers’ Compensation?

No, independent contractors cannot get workers’ compensation. However, your boss might misclassify you as an independent contractor to avoid paying benefits they are supposed to provide under the law, like workers’ compensation coverage. How California Defines Independent Contractors You might be an independent contractor if the employer hires you to perform a specific project or […]

Are Workers’ Compensation Cases Public Record?

Yes, workers’ compensation cases are public record in California but to a certain extent. If you filed a workers’ comp claim that went through the state’s workers’ compensation process or the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB), the fact that you had a comp case becomes public record. Your old workers’ compensation case could show up […]

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