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Does Amazon Have Workers’ Compensation?

California requires Amazon and all other employers with at least one employee to carry workers’ compensation insurance. So, yes, Amazon does carry workers’ compensation. However, that doesn’t mean the road to benefits will be an easy one. Amazon is a billion-dollar corporation with over one million employees in the U.S., and its warehouse workers suffer […]

Can You Reopen an Old Workers’ Compensation Claim?

California allows you to reopen your old workers’ compensation claim under certain conditions, but there are rules to follow and forms to complete before your petition is even considered. You can request to have your case reopened if your injury or illness worsened, and the judge has already issued the award. You should consider consulting […]

When Should I Start to Receive Workers’ Compensation Payments?

If you were injured or became sick at work, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. In addition to covering the costs of your medical care, they will provide you with the replacement of a significant portion of your income. When you cannot work, those benefits can help you support yourself and your family until […]

Are Volunteers Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

Volunteers can play an important role in our society as a whole and in many types of facilities and organizations. While they may perform many of the same tasks as full and part-time employees, their status can affect their ability to recover benefits if they suffer an on-the-job injury. If you or a loved one […]

How Much Does Steroid Injection Increase Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

Steroid injections may increase your workers’ compensation settlement amount because if your doctor feels they’re warranted, it is an indication that you are experiencing pain that is not going away with a simpler treatment, such as physical therapy. Every injury is different. It’s the differences in the injury, the person, and the treatment, as well […]

Will a Personal Injury Settlement Affect My Food Stamps?

If you received a personal injury settlement, it may affect your eligibility for food stamps, especially if you received a large lump sum. You may also need to report a settlement to other agencies if you are part of additional needs-based programs. In some cases, you can take steps to prevent a settlement from affecting […]

Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available for All On-the-Job Injuries?

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for any job-related injuries. While that covers a variety of injuries and illnesses, there are exceptions, like if you were injured while engaging in risky behavior. Even if your injuries don’t qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you may still have options. The workers’ compensation attorneys at KJT Law Group offer […]

Two Important Time Limits to File Workers’ Compensation

After a workplace accident, you have 30 days to notify your employer. You also have one year from the accident to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Do not let missing a workers’ compensation time limit destroy your case. Deadline to Notify Your Boss Under California workers’ compensation rules, you must notify your employer within 30 […]

Is the Coronavirus Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Yes, the coronavirus is covered by workers’ compensation in California. You can receive workers’ compensation benefits for coronavirus if you caught the illness at your workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things about the way people work. Many people were “essential workers” who needed to continue working despite the risk of contracting the virus. California wrote […]

Do These Five Things if You Were Fired While on Light Duty for a Work Injury

If you were fired while on light duty for a work injury, you should learn why you were fired to determine if the reason was lawful. Evidence of your injury, work accommodations, and reason for termination can potentially provide you with grounds for a lawsuit if you were wrongfully terminated. Stay aware of your rights—you […]

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