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Dental malpractice in cosmetic dentistry: Unraveling the complexities

Malpractice cases of any kind tend to involve complex information about procedures and standard practices—you have to prove how a practitioner deviated from the standard of care and injured you. In dental malpractice cases, this means highlighting how your dentist, dental hygienist, or other care provider failed in how they treated you.  In cosmetic dentistry […]

Exploring Mental Health Malpractice: When Can It Occur?

Every mental health provider, whether they’re a social worker, therapist, or psychiatrist, must adhere to their field’s professional standard of care. At its core, this means that the clinician is required to offer the same level of care expected of another reasonable professional in the same situation and abide by certain ethics. For example, a […]

How Can a Patient Prove Surgical Errors in a Malpractice Case?

A patient, working king on their own, might struggle with proving medical malpractice occurred during a surgical procedure. Fortunately, a patient can work with a local personal injury lawyer to prove surgical errors in a malpractice case. They will collect evidence and consult with medical experts who can substantiate your claim. Recovering from a surgical […]

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