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Do I Need a Dog Bite Lawyer for Minor Injuries or Scratches?

Sometimes, it might be possible to manage your own insurance claim for minor dog bite injuries on your own. However, having a knowledgeable dog bite attorney on your side can ensure you get justice, protect your rights, and safeguard your financial future if your injuries are more serious than they first seem. 

We recommend getting a free consultation from an experienced dog bite lawyer near you before you settle any case based on a dog attack or bite injury. Our attorneys at KJT Law Group provide free case assessments for victims who suffered minor injuries, scratches, or more serious bite wounds.

When Do I Need a Dog Bite Lawyer to Manage My Injury Case?

Many people wonder if it is even worth it to file an insurance claim based on minor injuries or scratches from dog bites. The truth is that all bite injuries come with the risk of infection and could require medical care. If you saw a doctor, missed time at work, or otherwise paid or lost money because of the incident, you should hold the dog’s owner liable for those costs.

Personal injury attorneys provide legal advice for dog bites. They will manage your case from start to finish and seek justice for you. This includes recovering the money you deserve based on your case facts and holding the dog’s owner accountable. The insurance company is not on your side. They probably will not pay you properly unless forced. 

If the dog owner’s insurance carrier does not want to pay to cover your expenses and losses or there are other issues with the case, you will want an attorney on your side. Recovering dog bite compensation is necessary for victims hurt in these incidents because of the cost of medical care, missed work, and other expenses and losses associated with a bite injury. 

What Role Does a Dog Bite Lawyer Play in These Cases?

When you hire a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to handle a dog bite case, regardless of the severity of the injuries, they will manage all aspects of it from the day you hire them through to the end of the case. This includes:

  • Managing the communication with the dog’s owner and their insurance carrier
  • Answering your questions and providing regular updates on your case
  • Investigating the incident and gathering evidence
  • Representing your best interests and seeking compensation
  • Documenting and valuing your damages
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Preparing, filing, and taking a lawsuit to trial when needed

Most cases involving only minor injuries, scratches, shallow punctures, and other medical concerns that require a single visit to the doctor will not require a lawsuit or jury trial. These cases usually settle with a negotiated agreement. 

However, these cases are not always predictable. Your case could be worth more than you think. Having an attorney on your side to make recommendations and provide guidance could make a difference.

What Damages Are Recoverable in a California Dog Bite Lawsuit?

The damages our lawyers commonly recover for dog bite victims depend on the expenses and losses that victims experience. Each case is unique. Regardless of the severity of their injuries, our clients hurt in a dog bite often recover money for:

  • Medical care related to their injuries
  • Income lost if they missed work because of the incident
  • Miscellaneous expenses, such as parking at the hospital
  • Pain and suffering damages

Those with more serious injuries might qualify for more money. This is not only because their medical bills, missed income, and pain and suffering cost more. It is also because they could receive compensation for: 

  • Future expenses related to their injuries, such as plastic surgery to reduce scarring
  • Reduced ability to work at their previous job or any job that pays the same wages

Dog bites can cause a wide range of injuries and severities. Your dog bite lawyer can help you understand the recoverable damages and possible settlement range of your case. 

What Should I Do If I Suffered Minor Injuries or Scratches in a Dog Bite Incident?

If you were hurt by a dog and are not sure what to do, talk to a lawyer. In Los Angeles and other nearby areas, our team provides free consultations. We will help you decide the right path for seeking and securing money for your injuries.

Under California law, dog owners are strictly liable for their dogs’ bad behavior. When someone is on a property legally, does not provoke the dog, and suffers a dog bite, the owner is legally accountable. Our team of dog bite lawyers handle these cases regularly. We can help you understand your options and what to do next during a free consultation.

Discuss Your Options With Our Dog Bite Injury Team for Free

At KJT Law Group, we provide free initial consultations for dog bite victims. You can discuss your legal options and possible financial recovery with our team today for free. We will assess your next steps and explain how our attorneys can help. Contact us now at (818) 507-8525 to learn more. Act quickly since CCP § 335.1 generally only allows you two years to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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