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The Impact of Road Conditions on Motorcycle Accident Cases

Poor road conditions substantially impact motorcycles and their riders more than cars and their drivers. This can make a motorcycle accident more likely to occur and much more serious for motorcycle accident victims. How Road Conditions Cause Motorcycle Accidents Road conditions that drivers don’t think twice about can cause a catastrophic accident for a motorcycle […]

Do I Need an Attorney for My Slip and Fall Accident?

You could deal with the at-fault party and their insurance company and attempt to resolve your slip and fall case without an attorney. While you do not need an attorney for your slip and fall accident case, a lawyer can handle everything on your behalf. Hiring a slip and fall attorney to represent means having […]

Understanding Comparative Negligence in Truck Accident Cases

For most people involved in a truck accident, the experience is a traumatic, overwhelming ordeal. During your recovery, you may find yourself dealing with severe injuries and unnecessary financial and emotional strain. With medical bills piling up and the loss of income, your recovery can seem long and arduous. California’s comparative negligence laws could further […]

Road Hazards and Liability: Holding Others Accountable for Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident doesn’t always involve two vehicles. Sometimes it involves a bike and a road hazard. Whether the hazard is debris, a dangerous work zone, or another dangerous object or circumstance, a motorcycle accident lawyer will identify those responsible for the hazard. Road Hazards That Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle riders and passengers have […]

Legal Recourse: Types of Compensation Available in Slip and Fall Claims

The compensation you can recover depends on the specifics of your premises liability case. However, most slip and fall compensation covers economic and non-economic damages.  Our slip and fall accident lawyers can investigate your accident to determine what you can recover. Economic Damages in Slip and Fall Cases Economic damages are those that have a […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Liability in Slip and Fall Cases

Understanding who is responsible for your slip and fall injuries can be difficult. Our premises liability attorneys have compiled a comprehensive guide to demystifying slip and fall liability. What You Need to Prove to Recover Compensation Slips and falls are under the umbrella of premises liability. A premises liability case occurs when an accident victim […]

Navigating Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accidents: Legal Options and Challenges

After a hit-and-run motorcycle accident, your legal options typically include filing a claim with your insurance company or pursuing a lawsuit. Hit-and-run accidents present a unique challenge, however, as your legal options may be limited if the at-fault driver is never located.  Seeking fair compensation may feel overwhelming on your own. To hold the liable […]

Truck Accident Investigations: How Experts Build a Strong Case

Truck accidents often cause severe, life-threatening injuries for victims, especially when passenger vehicles are involved. Truck accident attorneys must investigate thoroughly to demonstrate the cause and contributing factors before seeking financial compensation from liable parties. Therefore, they will often consult experts when conducting truck accident investigations.  Forensic analysis in truck accidents, such as black-box data […]

Are Autonomous Trucks Redefining Liability in Truck Accidents?

Autonomous trucks show what the wonders of technology can do. But they also demonstrate how technological advances in vehicle automation can challenge long-standing laws and legal doctrines, such as liability when self-driving truck accidents occur. As more driverless commercial trucks are tested on U.S. roads, the transportation and legal fields must consider how autonomous trucks […]

What Legal Recourse Do You Have if Injured by a Defective Product?

If you were injured by a faulty product, manufacturing defect, or other product defect, a personal injury lawyer can explain what legal recourse you have to get compensation and hold the manufacturer accountable. Depending on your case, you may be able to: Seeking a Settlement for Defective Product Injuries You can file a claim and seek a […]

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