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Understanding Comparative Negligence in Truck Accident Cases

For most people involved in a truck accident, the experience is a traumatic, overwhelming ordeal. During your recovery, you may find yourself dealing with severe injuries and unnecessary financial and emotional strain. With medical bills piling up and the loss of income, your recovery can seem long and arduous. California’s comparative negligence laws could further […]

Truck Accident Investigations: How Experts Build a Strong Case

Truck accidents often cause severe, life-threatening injuries for victims, especially when passenger vehicles are involved. Truck accident attorneys must investigate thoroughly to demonstrate the cause and contributing factors before seeking financial compensation from liable parties. Therefore, they will often consult experts when conducting truck accident investigations.  Forensic analysis in truck accidents, such as black-box data […]

Are Autonomous Trucks Redefining Liability in Truck Accidents?

Autonomous trucks show what the wonders of technology can do. But they also demonstrate how technological advances in vehicle automation can challenge long-standing laws and legal doctrines, such as liability when self-driving truck accidents occur. As more driverless commercial trucks are tested on U.S. roads, the transportation and legal fields must consider how autonomous trucks […]

When Should I Consult a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

It is up to you to decide when you should consult a lawyer after a truck accident or if you want to hire a lawyer at all. That said, the sooner you can get an attorney’s advice, the simpler it may be for you to seek compensation and the harder it may be for the […]

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case If you were hurt in a truck accident, a truck accident attorney at our firm can help you seek the compensation you deserve. In doing so, they may provide services, such as: Gathering evidence Determining liability Calculating your damages Negotiating a settlement A truck accident injury can cause […]

How Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Prove Liability for an Accident?

truck accident liability

Truck Accident Lawyer Prove Liability for an Accident A truck accident lawyer from our firm may prove liability for an accident using a variety of evidence, including accident reconstruction, expert testimony, witness statements, photos, and videos. Establishing liability is a critical first step in your truck accident claim, so you may want to work with […]

What Do I Look For When Choosing a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Choosing a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer When choosing a semi-truck accident lawyer, you want to look for resources, a history of success, and experience handling a case like yours. Semi-truck accidents are notoriously complicated and occur frequently. Truck accidents like these can lead to severe injuries, financial difficulties, and damage evaluation. You should not have to […]

Truck Accident Lawyers

Were you injured in a truck accident? Is The Insurance Company Trying To Force You To Settle? Do You Need An Experienced Advocate On Your Side To Fight For Your Rights? We Work On A Contingency Basis – No Fees Unless We Win! Call Now For A Free Confidential Consultation: (818) 507-8525  or fill out the form! With […]

Truck Accidents Versus Auto Accidents What You Need to Know

Despite what you may have heard or read, all motor vehicle accidents are not treated equally by the law. A truck accident is defined as vehicle crashes involving 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, semi-trucks and other commercial motor vehicles that cause personal injury and/or property damage. It was reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “accidents […]

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