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Can You Quit While a Workers’ Comp Claim is Pending?

If you are not under contract, you can generally quit your job when you like, and you can   quit while a workers’ comp claim is pending. There may be drawbacks or risks associated with quitting work or changing employers while a pending workers’ comp claim is in the offing. You can work with a workers’ […]

Workers’ Compensation for Temporary Staffing Agency Workers

Temporary staffing agency workers in California are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits like full-time employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. While specific considerations affect who must provide your workers’ compensation insurance, you are entitled to workers’ compensation as a temporary staffing agency worker. Being entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and receiving those benefits are […]

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for a Transportation Accident at Work?

You can get workers’ compensation for a transportation accident at work if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance and your accident qualifies as job-related. You should be eligible for compensation through the workers’ comp policy. Workers’ compensation for transportation accidents is not always straightforward. You may face challenges as you aim to secure the benefits […]

Can My Employer Retaliate If I Claim Workers’ Comp?

Your employer cannot retaliate if you claim workers’ compensation benefits. If you suffered a work-related injury or became ill as a result of your job, you have the legal right to seek medical and lost income benefits from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. When an employer retaliates after you file your comp claim, it can […]

5 Ways Workers’ Compensation Protects Employees

According to the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), workers’ compensation protects employees in California by providing medical care, temporary wage replacement, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job training, and death benefits for families of fatally injured workers.  The Primary Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Five of the primary benefits of workers’ comp include: Medical Care for the […]

How to Report a Fraud Workers’ Compensation Claim

Fraud Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you suspect someone has inappropriately filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you must report a fraud workers’ compensation claim. The steps to do so include: Collecting any evidence you have of the fraudulent claim Filing the proper form with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) (if you are a citizen or an insurer) […]

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