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How the Workers’ Comp Appeals Process Works

Workers’ comp benefits are available to employees who suffered injuries and illnesses in the workplace without regard to fault. To be eligible, a company must provide these benefits through worker’s compensation insurance. If your employer’s insurance company denied your benefits claim for a work-related injury or illness, it’s important that you know how the workers’ […]

How Is Workers’ Compensation Calculated?

Sustaining an injury on the job can set back your earning ability, but understanding how to calculate workers’ compensation benefits will help you and your attorney recover fair compensation and plan for your future accordingly. It requires a bit of math and familiarity with state law. In general, you have the right to recover up […]

How Does Workers’ Compensation Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits?

You were hurt while on the job. After filing a workers’ compensation claim and waiting during a lengthy process, you finally have a settlement that covers your medical bills and lost income. However, now you worry if your workers’ compensation settlement will affect your Social Security retirement benefits.Workers’ compensation can result in a reduction of […]

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation

If you were hurt at work, your employer’s workers’ comp insurance will cover your medical care costs. Depending on the extent and severity of your injury, your treatment plan can include physical and occupational therapy. Occupational therapy can help you cope with and recover from an injury, as well as provide you with tools to […]

Five Differences Between a Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in an accident, you can seek compensation. To recover damages, you need to know who to pursue your specific case. Unlike workers’ compensation attorneys, personal injury attorneys must demonstrate fault for an accident and likely have multiple practice areas. Additional differences include the types of damages they […]

Is Workers’ Compensation Settlement Taxable?

is a type of insurance that offers benefits such as financial assistance to employees who experience occupational injuries or illnesses. This system was created to protect both employees and employers and helps injured or ill workers cover costs associated with medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and other related expenses.As outlineunder d in Publication 907, “Workers’ […]

Who Is Considered a Subcontractor for Workers’ Compensation?

A subcontractor is any worker that is hired by a general or independent contractor to complete a task. Under California law, anyone who employs other individuals must provide workers’ compensation coverage. This offers benefits if someone suffers an injury in the course of their job-related tasks. If you were injured at work as a subcontractor, then […]

What Is Adjudication of Claim Workers’ Compensation?

If you’re hurt on the job, workers’ compensation is supposed to be your safety net. It’s meant to provide benefits, such as paying for your medical costs and providing a partial salary while you recover. Yet, your employer or your employer’s insurance company might try to deny or partially deny your claim, leaving you adrift […]

Does Amazon Have Workers’ Compensation?

California requires Amazon and all other employers with at least one employee to carry workers’ compensation insurance. So, yes, Amazon does carry workers’ compensation. However, that doesn’t mean the road to benefits will be an easy one. Amazon is a billion-dollar corporation with over one million employees in the U.S., and its warehouse workers suffer […]

Are Volunteers Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

Volunteers can play an important role in our society as a whole and in many types of facilities and organizations. While they may perform many of the same tasks as full and part-time employees, their status can affect their ability to recover benefits if they suffer an on-the-job injury. If you or a loved one […]

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