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Ocho errores comunes para evitar al presentar un reclamo de compensación de trabajadores

Many states, including California, follow a no-fault policy when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. This means that after a worker is injured in the workplace, their employer must start administering benefits to them no matter how the injury occurred. Despite how easy this process may seem for an injured employee, there are opportunities for […]

¿Cuál es la máxima responsabilidad por una lesión corporal de terceros?

If you sue, there may be no maximum liability for third-party bodily injury. Most motorists in California have auto insurance, but these policies have coverage limits. If your accident-related damages exceed the coverage limits on the liable third party’s policy, you may sue. If you choose not to sue, you may be limited to collecting […]

Cinco diferencias entre un abogado de lesiones personales y compensación de trabajadores

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in an accident, you can seek compensation. To recover damages, you need to know who to pursue your specific case. Unlike workers’ compensation attorneys, personal injury attorneys must demonstrate fault for an accident and likely have multiple practice areas. Additional differences include the types of damages they […]

Evite estos cuatro errores al presentar un reclamo de seguro de terceros

When filing a third-party insurance claim, you deal with the insurance company representing the other party in your case. That insurer is not on your side, and adjusters often look for reasons to lower or reject your claim. You can help prevent this by avoiding the following mistakes, including failing to document your accident, being […]

¿Es imponible la liquidación de compensación para trabajadores?

is a type of insurance that offers benefits such as financial assistance to employees who experience occupational injuries or illnesses. This system was created to protect both employees and employers and helps injured or ill workers cover costs associated with medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and other related expenses.As outlineunder d in Publication 907, “Workers’ […]

¿Quién se considera un subcontratista de la compensación de los trabajadores?

A subcontractor is any worker that is hired by a general or independent contractor to complete a task. Under California law, anyone who employs other individuals must provide workers’ compensation coverage. This offers benefits if someone suffers an injury in the course of their job-related tasks. If you were injured at work as a subcontractor, then […]

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