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Compensation You Deserve: Calculating Damages in Dental Malpractice Cases

Calculating damages in dental malpractice cases involves adding together the costs of your medical care, pain and suffering, reduced income, and any other losses you suffered. This process is necessary to seek the compensation you deserve. A Abogada de lesiones personales will consider both your economic and non-economic losses when demanding dental malpractice lawsuit damages.

Our legal team uses proven, reliable methods for calculating damages. The dental malpractice case settlements we negotiate cover our clients’ damages. If you hire our firm to lead your case, rest assured that we will fight for the financial recovery you deserve, and nothing less.

Types of Recoverable Damages in Dental Malpractice Cases

A dental malpractice attorney from our team will pinpoint your damages. We will then calculate the cost of your negligence-related damages, which may include:

  • Non-economic damages: Our personal injury attorney will consider any physical pain, depression, self-image issues, anxiety, fear of dentists, lost quality of life, and other types of non-economic damages you’ve experienced. We work with qualified experts to diagnose these kinds of damages and calculate their costs.
  • Dental expenses: If you need dental work to correct harm done by a negligent dentist, we will calculate the cost of that work. We may also demand that a negligent dentist reimburse you for substandard services.
  • Non-dental medical expenses: If you need medical care for symptoms related to dental negligence, we will include those medical costs in your settlement value.
  • Professional damages: Lost income, diminished earning power, missed chances for performance bonuses, and lost opportunities for promotions may be among the fallout from dental malpractice. The longer you are unable to work, the more expensive these damages may become.
  • A wrongful death: Un wrongful death attorney can seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost financial support, loss of consortium, and any other damages resulting from a loved one’s passing.

Our dental malpractice lawyers will ensure that your case includes all economic and non-economic damages.

What Dental Malpractice Payout Amount Should You Receive?

The value of dental malpractice payouts varies from case to case. Our attorneys value each client’s case individually, as we know that your damages require a personalized, detailed evaluation.

Some factors that may affect the value of your settlement or judgment include:

  • The nature of the dental malpractice
  • The specific injuries you suffered
  • The nature and severity of your pain and suffering
  • The length of time for which the effects of dental malpractice affect you
  • The services you need to address dental malpractice

Dental injury compensation claims can be costly. Corrective dental work alone may be expensive, and that is just one of several possible damages you may seek money for.

Examples of Dental Malpractice That May Prompt a Lawsuit

When a dentist or other dental professional is negligent, they breach their duty of care to the patient. Such a breach of duty of care can take many forms, including:

  • Advising you to undergo dental procedures you did not need
  • Diagnosing a medical condition inaccurately or in a delayed manner
  • Failing to warn you of the risks of certain dental procedures
  • Making one or more errors when completing a dental procedure
  • Exposing you to the risk of infection

These are only a few examples of the many possible types of dental negligence. When you become the victim of such negligence, you have grounds to pursue a dental malpractice case.

Reasons to Hire a Dental Malpractice Lawyer From Our Firm

Our clients bring their dental malpractice cases to our personal injury lawyers so they have time to heal from the accident. We manage their case details while they undergo corrective surgeries and spend time with their families.

You may also hire our firm because:

  • We cover the cost of your dental malpractice claim and we only receive a fee if we win for you
  • Our lawyers have many years of legal experience
  • We hold dentists responsible for their negligence, even if that means suing or going to trial
  • We will manage every detail of your case, which will allow you to focus on your recovery and personal obligations

Our responsibilities in dental malpractice cases often include:

  • Obtaining evidence of negligence, which may include documentation from a liable dentist
  • Hiring experts to testify that you are the victim of dental malpractice
  • Calculating the monetary cost of your damages, including any harm you will suffer in the future
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations with liable parties

We will prepare your case for trial, as liable parties are not always willing to pay plaintiffs fairly. Our personal injury law firm is ready to demand fair compensation on your behalf. 

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