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Fighting for Your Smile: How Dental Malpractice Lawyers Advocate for Your Health

Your dental health and overall health are intricately connected. When one is unhealthy, the other can suffer. If you received dental care that did not meet the acceptable standard of care, you could suffer serious physical harm. A Abogada de lesiones personales can recover damages that can help you restore your health. 

The lawyer representing you will review your case and explain the process of fighting for your smile. They will consult medical and dental experts on your behalf. Your lawyer will also explain how dental malpractice lawyers advocate for your health and champion your case so you can focus on your well-being.  

How Oral and Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

Your oral and physical health complement each other. Conversely, they can impact each other in harmful ways. According to Mayo Clinic research, this can happen because your mouth is the gateway to your digestive tract. It also leads to your respiratory tracts, which can suffer if bacteria from your mouth leads to disease.

When your teeth and mouth are in pain, you could struggle to maintain good nutrition. In addition, untreated gum disease could lead to cardiovascular issues. You could also suffer from chronic headaches and even challenges to your mental health. This can happen when your teeth are damaged or not properly repaired.

To understand the dental/physical health connection and document your case, your legal team will consult medical and dental experts. They will also help them prepare to testify at depositions or in court.

A Dental Malpractice Attorney Will Advocate for Your Smile 

The majority of dental malpractice claims are settled without going to court. Your lawyer will strive to resolve your case in the same way. Their goals include:

  • Working with a dental expert to document your recovery
  • Documenting your tooth damage with before/after photos
  • Documenting the cost of your newly created dental plan

Your lawyer starts developing the goals of your case by listening to you and understanding your preferred outcome. They will help you get your smile back (both literally and figuratively) and obtain compensation for your trauma. 

A Dental Malpractice Attorney Will Advocate for Your Health 

The dental malpractice legal process comprises many obligations, but it’s nothing our team can’t handle. In addition to dental damage, if your health is damaged, your lawyer will work with medical experts to document the connection between the two. 

They will also compile medical and dental records from every professional and facility where you were treated. Your lawyer will document your damaged health and your recovery plan. They will also advocate aligning your treatment goals with your dental healthcare plan to optimize your recovery. 

Filing a Dental Negligence Lawsuit or Insurance Claim

Like all civil lawsuits, your dental malpractice case is complex. Rather than navigate the legal landscape alone, our personal injury law firm can manage your case. We will: 

  • Review your medical and dental evidence with qualified experts
  • Document the damage you suffered and your resulting damages
  • Handle all verbal, written, and virtual communications on your behalf
  • Use your evidence collection to resolve your case out of court
  • Clarify your personal injury case timeline and provide updates
  • Negotiate the best available financial settlement for you

Dental malpractice litigation is complicated. Without legal guidance and support, it can be hard to understand the legal, medical, and dental jargon in your case. Your lawyer will handle these details and fight for the financial compensation you need and deserve. 

Recovering Dental Malpractice Compensation in the Fight for Your Smile

You can recover damages if you suffered injuries because of a negligent dentist. Damages your lawyer will request on your behalf can include:

  • Dental care to restore your smile and oral health
  • Medical care to restore your damaged physical health
  • Past and future lost wages and lost earning ability
  • Physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic damages, such as mental anguish and emotional trauma 

You can also recover financial compensation for disfiguring or disabling dental injuries. Injuries like these can impact your quality of life, so you can recover damages for your loss of enjoyment of life. 

Según el CCP § 340.5, you generally have three years to file your lawsuit. Your lawyer will file your dental malpractice lawsuit in time to comply with the statute of limitations. 

Call Now to Get Help Fighting for Your Smile 

If you or a loved one suffered substandard dental care and your smile or health was damaged, contact our case evaluation team. A team member will review your case at no cost or obligation. We will help you fight for your smile and explain how dental malpractice lawyers advocate for your health. Contact a KJT Grupo de Derecho team member to get started today. Dial (818) 507-8525

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