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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Determine the Value of Your Claim?

When a personal injury lawyer determines the value of your claim, they analyze multiple factors. A major factor includes the value of your economic damages. These losses come with documentation, like receipts and invoices, that your lawyer can use. Your lawyer will evaluate other factors when it comes to your pain and suffering when evaluating […]

Dog Bite Injuries in Children: When and Why to Consult a Dog Bite Attorney

Knowing when to hire a dog bite attorney to handle your claim or lawsuit after your child suffers bite injuries could make a difference in your child’s physical and emotional recovery. When a child requires medical care to deal with their injuries, the costs could quickly cause financial stress for the family.  By holding the […]

How to Protect Your Rights and Interests After a Dog Bite: Attorney Guidance

If you suffered an injury from a dog, you can take steps to protect your right to pursue financial compensation with an injury claim or dog bite lawsuit. You can protect your dog bite legal rights by getting treatment for your injuries, preserving evidence from the attack, and documenting the incident with the relevant authorities. […]

What Evidence Is Vital in a Dog Bite Case? Consult an Attorney

While you may not need to prove a dog was previously vicious or bit someone, legal proof in dog attack cases is important to secure damages. Vital evidence includes photographs, witness testimony, and medical records.  The point of proof is to connect your dog bite injuries to specific compensation. A dog bite lawyer can help […]

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