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Navigating Insurance Claims After a Dog Bite: The Role of a Skilled Attorney

Navigating dog bite insurance claims is the most common way for victims to recover fair financial compensation. However, this legal process is not always easy to handle. This is especially true for those with severe injuries still undergoing treatment and needing to focus on their healing or those caring for their child who suffered lasting injuries. 

When a victim hires a skilled dog bite attorney to manage their case, it allows them to hand the process off to the law firm and worry only about their physical and emotional health. A bite lawyer may also be able to build a stronger case and possibly recover more compensation for bite injury victims. 

How Do Dog Bite Insurance Claims Work?

Liability in a dog bite case usually falls on the dog’s owner, although the laws differ from state to state. Insurance coverage for dog bites usually comes from the dog owner’s liability policy, either from the homeowner’s or renter’s liability coverage. The injured victim can file a claim with this insurance company and demand fair compensation based on their medical bills and other costs.

Many victims and their families choose to hire legal assistance for dog bite claims because a knowledgeable and skilled attorney makes navigating the insurance claims process much easier. A personal injury attorney will know how this complex process works, what is required to complete each step, and what to expect as the case proceeds.

These cases are often settled with negotiated agreements. When a skilled lawyer handles these negotiations, they may recover more money than an individual could on their own. They know how to develop a compelling case, value the recoverable damages, and use strong negotiation tactics to reach an agreement.

What Does California Law Say About a Dog Bite Victim’s Rights?

California law follows a strict liability on dog bites. Dog owners are responsible for any injuries victims suffer from a dog bite. Furthermore, pet owners owe a duty of care to others who come in contact with their dogs. They must keep others safe from animal attacks and injuries. This comes from the state’s bite law CIV § 3342

Local laws also provide rules and regulations dog owners must follow, including requiring vaccinations and licensing. Many areas have leash laws that require dogs off their own property to be on a leash and/or under voice control unless they are at an off-leash park. 

When a dog owner fails to follow the laws or otherwise allows their dog to cause injuries, the victim likely has a right to sue the dog’s owner and hold them responsible. Under PCCh § 335.1, victims have up to two years to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

What Is the Role of a Skilled Attorney in a Dog Bite Case?

Hiring a skilled Abogada de lesiones personales for dog bite cases can help the victim recover the money they need with less stress. Dog bite injury settlements are frequently negotiated by attorneys handling these cases. They know how to demand fair compensation and push the insurance adjuster for a higher payout. 

Dog bite injury lawyers generally handle cases based on contingency. They do not ask clients to pay upfront fees. Instead, they work for a percentage of the money recovered in the case, whether through a negotiated settlement or after a jury trial. If they do not win the case, the client does not pay.

What Damages Can a Dog Bite Injury Attorney Recover in Your Case?

Dog attack compensation could include a wide range of expenses and financial losses you incurred because of the bite injuries and treatment. Your attorney can help you identify and document these costs. 

Then, they will gather evidence, such as medical records, police reports, and witness statements, to determine a fair settlement range. This process could require them to call in expert witnesses to discuss future care costs and medical needs for long-term care of lasting injuries. They might also need to estimate your non-economic damages, such as emotional distress. 

The recoverable economic and non-economic damages in these cases are the same whether the case settles or goes to trial and the jury awards a payout. The difference is the potential value of the case. There is no way to predict how much a jury might award based on the evidence presented at trial. 

The damages that could be available in a dog bite case include: 

  • Current and future treatment and related medical costs
  • Income losses and reduced ability to work and earn
  • Related expenses with receipts
  • Pain and suffering damages, including emotional trauma and quality of life

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