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Steps to Take After a Dog Bite: Legal and Medical Considerations

A dog attack can create severe life-threatening injuries. Individuals who suffer from dog bites may experience serious physical injuries lawyer, scarring, disfigurement, and disability. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety may plague the dog bite victim, and they may feel their quality of life is diminished.

If you have high dog bite medical expenses and quality of life concerns, you may want to pursue a dog bite lawsuit. To protect your rights and health, take these medical and legal steps after a dog attack.

Step 1: Seek Dog Bite Injury Treatment

Medical attention is critical after any animal attack. Those present or first responders may render dog bite first aid, staunching bleeding, and cleaning the bite site. However, infection, disfigurement, and disability can arise without prompt and thorough medical treatment. 

As soon as possible, visit your nearest emergency room. They can clean, stitch, and bandage the wound. In addition, they may provide antibiotics if your bite has become infected. More severe bites may require surgical intervention.

Step 2: Report the Dog Bite Incident to Authorities

Reporting a dog bite is the first step of the legal process. Reporting requirements and methods vary by state and municipality, but usually involve the local police or animal control division. By reporting the accident, you ensure the owner and local authorities are aware of the attack. 

Step 3: Document the Scene of the Dog Bite Incident

Document the dog bite incident with photos and videos. Focus on:

  • Your dog bite injuries
  • The dog that attacked you
  • The location where the dog attack happened

Take the name and contact information of the dog’s owner or custodian. If possible, obtain contact information from witnesses who saw the attack. 

Most states allow injured parties to hold the animal’s guardian or owner responsible in the event of an attack. The documentation you obtain at the scene can support your personal injury claim against the dog owner. 

Step 4: Contact a Dog Bite Attorney

Reach out to a dog bite lawyer in your area to discuss your options for pursuing damages. Dog bite legal rights differ by location, so you benefit from using a local Abogada de lesiones personales with experience handling dog bite claims. 

While you can often pursue a dog bite lawsuit against the owner without an attorney, such claims can be complicated and time-consuming. A dog bite attorney from our firm can handle all the legal footwork associated with your case, including:

  • Securing evidence and documentation
  • Obtaining witness statements
  • Requesting medical records
  • Answering calls and responding to emails
  • Drafting legal documents and correspondence

Un dog bite lawyer will know which evidence can best support your case. We can investigate the cause of the bite and ensure the responsible party is held accountable. In addition, we can review reports and legal documents to determine whether the dog has a previous history of bites. 

Regardless of the dog’s history, owners have a legal obligation to control their animals and prevent injury to others. When they fail in this duty of care, they can be held liable. Your dog bite attorney can help you establish fault so you can pursue the compensation you deserve.

Step 5: File a Dog Bite Lawsuit

Dog bite medical expenses can be high, especially if you require intensive care, hospitalization, or surgical intervention. If you suffered physical and financial injury due to a dog bite, you can file a lawsuit to recover those losses. 

Damages you could pursue in a dog bite lawsuit include:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Surgery and hospital stays
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Lost income while you recover
  • Reduced income potential due to disability
  • Domestic assistance and in-home nursing care
  • Remodeling and other accommodations for impairment due to the dog bite
  • Dolor y sufrimiento
  • Desastres emocionales
  • Angustia mental
  • Cicatrices y desfiguración
  • Disability caused by the dog bite injury

The goal of a dog bite lawsuit is to seek monetary compensation for the full scope of your losses. 

Timing is Critical in a Dog Bite Injury Claim

All states have a statute of limitations for filing a dog bite lawsuit, so you benefit from getting started as soon as possible after your injury. A dog bite attorney from our firm can file a lawsuit and build a case on your behalf while you focus on your recovery. 

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If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a dog attack, the dog bite lawyers at KJT Grupo de Derecho can help. We understand the physical, mental, and financial consequences of a dog bite on your daily life. 
Contact our dog bite attorneys today to schedule a free consultation: (818) 507-8525. We can help you understand the steps to take after a dog bite and explain important medical and legal considerations so you can make an informed decision.

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