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7 Crucial Steps: What to Do If You’re a Pedestrian Hit by a Car

Getting hit by a car can be the scariest experience of your life. However, there are things you can and should do to protect yourself and your injury claim—if you decide to file one later. The seven crucial steps after a pedestrian accident are: 

1. Try to Stay Calm and Get Yourself to Safety

Pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance after a collision. You are likely angry and upset but be as calm as possible. Don’t confront the driver; just focus on getting yourself out of the road. 

2. Check Yourself for Injuries.

Review yourself for any visible injuries, such as cuts, lacerations, broken bones, or road rash. Also note any discomfort as your adrenaline may be masking serious symptoms of injuries that require immediate treatment. You also want to note any numbness, tingling, or confusion. 

3. Call 911 Immediately

Call 911 to report the accident. The dispatcher will send law enforcement and emergency medical services. 

The driver may try to talk you into just handling it between the two of you. They might even try to give you money instead of calling the police or filing a claim. Do not let them do this. Chances are, you are injured much worse than you think you are. If you accept money at the scene, you may be unable to recover more later when you need it. 

What to Do When Police and EMS Arrive at the Scene

There are a few things you should and shouldn’t do when the police and EMS respond to your accident:

  • Allow EMS to examine you, even if you aren’t sure you are injured. If they suggest you take emergency transport to the hospital, do so.
  • Tell law enforcement the basics of what happened (e.g., you were walking through the crosswalk when the driver turned right and hit you).
  • Make sure law enforcement interviews you about what happened. Officers don’t always interview the victim of an accident at the scene. 
  • Be sure you get a copy of the report.

What you shouldn’t do: 

  • Deny medical care. 
  • Apologize for the accident. 
  • Say you’re okay. 
  • Speculate what the driver was doing at the time of the accident. Let law enforcement do the investigation. If the driver was intoxicated or distracted at the time of the accident, they will determine that when they talk to the driver. 

4. Get the Driver’s Information

Get the driver’s insurance information, contact information, address, and license. If they flee the scene, do not try to go after them. Just try to remember anything you can about their car, the license plate, or the direction they were going. 

Get Eyewitness Information

If you are able, get the contact information of any eyewitnesses. Our Abogados de lesiones personales can interview them later to substantiate your story.

5. Report the Accident to Your Insurer

Make sure you report the incident to your insurance company as soon as possible. You are likely able to do so through an app on your phone. 

Even though your insurer should be on your side, make sure you only give them the basics of what happened.

6. Get Medical Care or Continue Receiving Medical Care 

If you did not receive medical care at the scene, go to the emergency room immediately. Getting immediate medical care does two things: 

  • Gets you the treatment you need
  • Links your injuries to the accident

7. Call a Lawyer

Accidentes de peatones often come with extensive medical bills, thousands in lost wages, and substantial pain and suffering. Insurance companies don’t want to pay these damages and will do what they can to deny or devalue your claim. 

You are likely recovering from severe injuries and don’t have the time or energy to fight with insurance companies. Our team does. Call us and we’ll handle all the necessary legal steps after your pedestrian accident so you can focus on your recovery. 

What Not to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

There are a few things you shouldn’t do after getting hit by a car:

  • Give a recorded statement: The driver’s insurer will likely call you after the accident to hear your side of the story. The insurance adjuster will ask you if they can record you while you speak. Do not agree to a recorded statement. They will ask you questions so they can twist your words and use what you say against you. Instead, direct any questions they have to your attorney.
  • Apologize for the accident. Most people apologize for the inconvenience of an accident, but the insurer can use that against you as an admission of fault. 
  • Skip medical appointments. Skipping doctor’s appointments gives the insurer an excuse to devalue or deny your claim.

Call Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers if You Were Hit By a Car

Our team is ready to help you if you were injured as a pedestrian in a car accident. We will protect your claim and fight for every cent you deserve.Call KJT Grupo de Derecho today for a free consultation: (818) 507-8525.

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