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San Bernardino Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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If you were hurt at work and are struggling to get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer from KJT Law Group can help. We are a local law firm that understands local courts, local businesses, and local insurance carriers. You will meet with the attorney who represents you and work closely with them. 

We know how the workers’ compensation system operates in California and can secure the benefits you deserve based on your injuries and case facts. Contact us today for a free consultation with our team.

Why Choose a San Bernardino Workers’ Compensation Lawyer From Our Team?

At KJT Law Group, we have recovered more than $100 million for injured clients. We fight for the money our clients need to pay for their medical care, cover lost wages, and take care of other expenses. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate this process. We have the knowledge, experience, skill, and resources to fight for the benefits or settlement you deserve.

We have a multilingual staff who can help you understand your case in the language you are most comfortable with, including English, Armenian, or Spanish. When you meet with an attorney, they will be the one handling your case and will know your name and case details. We treat every client like they are our only client. 

We fight for every dollar our clients deserve. Some recent workers’ compensation settlements we’ve obtained include: 

  • $2 million verdict for a disabled worker
  • $270,000 for a long-time worker hurt on the job
  • $125,000 for a laborer hurt by a co-worker
  • $120,000 settlement for a medical caregiver hurt while carrying a patient
  • $105,000 settlement for a worker hurt when she fell at work
  • $100,000 settlement for a tree pruner with a shoulder injury
  • $100,000 settlement for a worker with a bilateral carpal tunnel diagnosis
  • $100,000 settlement for a freight company employee with a knee injury
  • $100,000 for a worker who hurt her knee in a fall
  • $100,000 settlement for an injured office worker

You have nothing to lose by working with our team. We do not charge you for our services unless we secure benefits or a settlement for you. Our fees come from a portion of the money you receive, never from your own pocket. 

Contact us today to learn more. We will assess your options and discuss our strategy to help you get the money you need and deserve.

Our Lawyers Know How Workers’ Comp Works in San Bernardino, CA

California law requires all businesses with employees to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all workers beginning their first day on the job. They can provide this policy from a private insurer or the State Compensation Insurance Fund. This insurance should pay if the worker:

  • Suffers an injury in a work-related accident
  • Has a work-related chronic injury
  • Receives a diagnosis of a work-related illness

When an injured or ill worker needs medical care and misses work, their workers’ compensation policy should provide the following benefits: 

  • Cuidados Médicos: Treatment for your on-the-job injury or illness 
  • Salarios perdidos: Temporary or permanent disability payments when you cannot work because of your injury or illness
  • Supplemental Job Displacement: Vouchers to pay for training, retraining, or skill enhancement to help you return to the workforce in a different capacity
  • Beneficios por muerte: Money for the dependents of the deceased if they die from their workplace injuries or illness

Our San Bernardino Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Understand How These Cases Can Go Wrong

Unfortunately, it is not always easy for injured or sick workers to get the benefits they need, including covered medical care and compensation for lost wages. Some of the ways workers’ compensation claims can go wrong include when your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer:

  • Denies your workers’ compensation claim entirely
  • Argues that your injuries were not work-related
  • Grants only a small portion of your lost wages
  • Demands you return to work before your doctor approves
  • Cuts off your workers’ comp benefits before you can return to work

While there is a process in place for workers to challenge these decisions, it can be difficult or impossible to prove your case and resolve these disputes on your own. Having a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you allows you to focus on healing while we build a strong case on your case. 

Trust Our San Bernardino Attorneys to Secure Your Workers’ Compensation

Our workers’ compensation lawyers know how to challenge a denial or deal with another issue with your benefits. Call us as soon as things go wrong, and we will discuss your options and how we can appeal the decision for you.

Under some circumstances, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may offer you a settlement. This is most common when you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) but cannot return to the workforce. It is vital you understand the value of your case before agreeing. Let our San Bernardino, CA, workers’ compensation attorneys assess your case and negotiate a fair settlement for you. 

How to Protect Your Workers’ Compensation Case

There are a few things you can do to protect your right to workers’ compensation benefits: 

  • Report your injury to your employer immediately in writing. You have 30 days to do so; if you don’t, the insurer can deny your claim. We recommend doing so as soon as possible in writing so you don’t forget and your employer can’t claim they didn’t know. 
  • Get medical attention immediately.
  • Don’t do anything that might jeopardize your right to benefits (e.g., don’t help your friend build a deck if you’re claiming workers’ comp for a back injury).
  • Keep detailed records.
  • Call a lawyer.

Talk to Our Team About Your San Bernardino Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Free

KJT Law Group has a team of San Bernardino workers’ compensation lawyers ready to review your case and fight for the benefits you deserve. Nuestro Equipo offers free consultations for injured workers trying to get money to make ends meet while they receive treatment and recover from their injuries. 

Call our number or contacta con nosotras using our online form for your free case consultation in San Bernardino today.

We Will Fight For You

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