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San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

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Victims hurt in San Fernando Valley, CA, can pursue compensation and accountability by holding the at-fault party legally responsible for their accident and related injuries.

When you trust KJT Law Group with your case, you will work directly with an attorney. They will know your case facts and details and handle your claim or lawsuit from start to finish. No case is too small, and no odds are too daunting for our team. 

To discuss how our San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation and get justice, call our number for a free case consultation.

Our San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for Fair Damages for You

Recovering financial compensation for the injuries and costs our client endured after a personal injury accident is one of the primary objectives of our San Fernando Valley lawyers. When we handle your claim, we will identify and catalog your recoverable damages and pursue fair compensation based on the strength of the case we build. This includes both economic and non-economic damages.

Los daños económicos

The economic damages in a personal injury case include a wide range of financial expenses and losses incurred because of the incident and related injuries. They also include ongoing and future costs due to the accident. 

Some common examples include medical bills, lost income, reduced ability to work and earn, personal property repair or replacement, and related expenses.

Los daños no económicos

Non-economic damages are the emotional and physical effects of a personal injury incident. These damages are sometimes known as “pain and suffering.” They include physical pain, emotional anguish, distress, reduced quality of life, scarring and disfigurement, and more. 

Recent Case Results

Our firm is proud of the success we have had fighting for the money our clients deserve—and winning. Some of our recent case verdicts and settlements Incluye :

  • $16 million recovered for a family that endured multiple injuries and surgeries following an auto accident
  • $3 million secured for a trucker who underwent several surgeries for his injuries after being hit by a negligent semi-truck operator
  • $2.8 million awarded in arbitration for a client hurt when they were hit by a garbage truck
  • $875,000 recovered for an Uber driver who required surgery and missed work after being hurt in an accident caused by another driver

Our San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyers Take on Even the Most Challenging Cases

KJT Law Group’s compassionate legal team will use our experience and resources to fight for the financial recovery you deserve. You can count on our team to have what it takes to navigate your claim and effectively advocate for you. 

We make every client a priority. Our attorneys will develop a personal relationship with you, getting to know you and your family and the details of your case. Our services are also available in Spanish and Armenian if you are more comfortable discussing your case in one of these languages.

Our team has secured $100 million+ for injured victims over the years. You could be next. We do not charge upfront fees to hire our personal injury lawyers, and we only receive attorney’s fees after we secure a payout for you.

Our San Fernando Valley Lawyers Represent Personal Injury Victims Hurt by Negligence

As personal injury lawyers, our team represents clients who suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence or intentional act. We know how to build a case to show what happened and how it affected you. We handle a wide range of case types, including: 

  • Accidentes de tráfico: When a driver makes a mistake behind the wheel, it could cause a car crash, motorcycle accident, bike crash, or pedestrian accident.
  • Truck Crashes: Truckers and trucking companies can act negligently and cause collisions with passenger vehicles and other road users.
  • Premises Liability Injuries: Property owners must keep their property free from hazards that could cause injuries. The most common premises liability accidents are slips, trips, and other fall injuries.
  • Product Liability Injuries: Companies are often legally liable if their products cause injuries due to defects in the design, manufacture, or marketing. 
  • Lesiones en el lugar de trabajo: Many workplace injuries qualify for workers’ compensation. However, some support a negligence case. 
  • Malpráctica médica: Medical professionals who fail to uphold the standard of care and injure patients can be held liable.

If you were injured in an accident in the San Fernando Valley, our team can assess your options for free. Call us for a free consultation today. 

Let Our Personal Injury Attorneys Build a Case Based on Your San Fernando Valley Accident

Our personal injury attorneys understand why it is important to you and your family to secure the compensation you are entitled to based on your expenses and losses. We want to ensure you have the money you need to pay for your continued treatment and care, if necessary. 

We will investigate your accident and injuries, gathering compelling evidence to show the at-fault party acted negligently and is, therefore, liable. We demand fair compensation from their insurance company and negotiate a settlement agreement or take the case to trial and ask a jury to award a payout. Sometimes, we might use alternative resolution options, such as mediation or arbitration.

Victims usually have two years to file a lawsuit against the negligent party under PCCh § 335.1. If you contact us early enough, our attorneys will fight to ensure you meet this deadline and take the necessary steps to file the complaint if we have not settled the case by the time this date approaches.

Talk to Our Legal Team About Your San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Case

If you were hurt in a San Fernando Valley, CA, accident or incident, you do not have to navigate the claims process on your own. Let our San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer manage your case and fight for justice while you focus on healing. 

To reach KJT Law Group for a free, confidential consultation, fill out our contact form or call our number.

We Will Fight For You

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