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Aaron Turchin, Esq.

Senior Trial Counsel

After 28+ years of practicing law, Aaron Turchin has developed a wide range of expertise dealing with personal injury and employment matters. Turchin has worked for large companies and insurance carriers, allowing him to understand how they defend and evaluate cases. With extensive jury trial, arbitration and administrative law experience, Turchin has been involved in a wide variety of matters from catastrophic injury to medical fraud and everything in between.

Coming from a family of attorneys involving parents, aunts and uncles, Turchin grew up listening to stories about legal cases as a small child and those conversations led him to a career in law. Turchin attended Vassar, a small liberal arts college in New York, where academics was primarily focused on how to think, analyze and express himself through persuasive writing. While in law school, Turchin worked for the Brooklyn Public Defender where he was able to “second chair” two trials as a first year law student. After his second year of law school, he worked in the California Attorney General’s Office where he was able to research and write appellate briefs on various criminal cases and was able to argue those cases before the Court of Appeal before graduating from law school and officially becoming a lawyer.

It was these experiences that focused his attention towards becoming a Trial attorney and he has never looked back. Turchin believes that there is no greater honor than representing someone who has suffered injury that a defendant will not recognize or appreciate. Turchin works with KJT Law Group because the Firm shares his same passion for righting wrongs and developing cases to maximize opportunities for an outcome that clients deserve.

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