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An employer cannot discriminate against someone on the basis of his/her gender.   It is in violation of the California state and federal law.   It is unlawful to discriminate against someone because of his sex, gender identity or gender expression.

Not only men and women issues

Gender discrimination is not only based on the differences between men and women.   It can also include discrimination because of pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Any employer who has preconceived ideas and makes generalizations about job performance, physical abilities, qualifications, work habits, and productivity may be liable for a gender discrimination suit.   Employers are supposed to provide work opportunities based on performance and abilities, not gender.

My male colleague is paid more than me.   Is it gender discrimination?

An employer cannot pay men and women different salaries for the same work, except if the employer can prove that the difference is based on merit, seniority, training, experience, or quality of production.

So, if your male colleague is paid more than you, the employer must be able to say exactly why.   If they are unable to, they may be liable to pay all unpaid wages with interest.  Contact us to assess your case thoroughly.

Discrimination is not always out in the open

 Gender discrimination often takes place silently behind closed doors.   Employers know that they must be careful not to say anything discriminatory or put it in writing.

Possible signs of gender discrimination

  • One sex is regularly promoted while the other is not
  • Excluding one sex from important meetings
  • Women and men have different duties
  • Allowing sexual harassment in the workplace

KJT Law Group against gender discrimination

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