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Racial Discrimination

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Racial Discrimination Lawyers in Los Angeles

What Is Racial Discrimination?

Racial discrimination is when someone is treated differently because of race, color, or ethnicity. It is unlawful in California for an employer to discriminate against anyone because of their race or color in any aspect of employment.

It is racial discrimination when an employer refuses to hire someone on the base of race or doesn’t select a person for a training program. It can also be to discriminate against someone in terms of compensation, conditions, or privileges of employment.

Racial Discrimination
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Can I Sue My Employer for Racial Discrimination?

An employee is well within their rights to sue an employer for workplace harassment if they are being harassed based on race or color by co-workers, a supervisor or anyone else. If the employer knew about this and failed to take reasonable steps to stop the harassment, they can be held liable.

How Racial Discrimination Creates a Hostile Work Environment

The employee can also argue that a hostile work environment has been created. For this, unwelcome comments or conduct must be present, the harassment must be based on national origin or ethnicity, and it must be pervasive enough to change the employment situation for the victim. The abuse must be frequent and abusive.

Possible ways a workplace might be exhibiting acts of racial discrimination are:

  • Exclusion from events and meetings.
  • A change in workload for specific persons – it can either be decreased or increased.
  • Different rules count for different people.
  • The hiring of different races for different positions.
  • Making fun of accents or stereotype people from certain countries.
  • Employees are favored – only those from a certain race are promoted.
  • Reduced hours or reduced pay.
  • Racist jokes are not stopped.
  • Not considering employing people with ethnic-sounding names.
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