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Labor regulations about rest breaks

California labor regulations say that there must be a 10-minute rest break for every 4 hours that an employee worked.   It must be paid time and the employee must be relieved of all duties while on a rest break.  The break must be uninterrupted.

In a normal 8-hour work day, a California employer must, therefore, provide employees with two 10-minute rest periods, over and above their 30-minute meal break.

A person who works less than 3.5 hours at a time is not required by law to get a rest period.

Can my employer ask me to be on-call during my rest break?

Generally speaking, no.   He would be denying you your rest break.

Missed breaks compensation

The law says an employee can claim one hour of compensation for every rest break he missed.   No rest breaks in an 8-hour day for one week can therefore quickly add up to 10 hours of compensation payable.

It is your choice

Employees can, of course, voluntarily choose to miss breaks.   This is entirely your own decision and you cannot hold the company responsible if you elect not to take breaks.

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