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Hernia mesh is used to prevent hernias from recurring. When designed, built, and inserted properly during hernia surgery, they can strengthen tissue and keep your organs where they should be. If something goes wrong, however, you could be left with devastating, expensive injuries. One of our lawyers can help you seek justice and compensation.

Call KJT Law Group at (818) 507-8525 today. We can assess your case at no charge and explain more about how our personal injury lawyers—and our entire team—can fight for you.

How KJT Law Group Handles Hernia Mesh Cases

Our legal team is proud to protect ordinary people like you who have suffered preventable harm due to the actions of a large corporation. While we cannot make your case go any faster, we can make sure you move through the legal process as smoothly as possible by:

Working Closely With Our Hernia Mesh Clients

You and your family have already been through a terrible ordeal, during which you suffered physical and emotional pain and were forced to give up many of your plans and goals for the future. The hernia mesh attorneys at KJT Law Group wants to put the power back in your hands by:

  • Allowing you plenty of time to tell us your story and what you hope to achieve by filing a legal action
  • Determining what legal options are available to you and explaining them each to you in detail
  • Keeping you informed throughout your case and helping you decide how to respond to each new development

Telling you what to expect at a personal injury trial if your case goes to court rather than settling, so you are not caught off-guard by anything that happens

Negotiating Hard for a Fair Hernia Mesh Settlement

Whether you pursue an individual settlement or end up splitting a settlement with other plaintiffs, you naturally want to make sure that the amount you get fairly reflects your injuries and will cover all your bills. We can fight for the money you need by:

  • Meeting with the liable party’s lawyers in person, by phone, or virtually
  • Presenting the evidence we have collected on your behalf and using it to create a thorough and convincing picture of the manufacturer’s liability
  • Anticipating what kinds of arguments the liable party might make against you and work to disprove their allegations
  • Refusing to give up and settle for less when we know you deserve a certain amount

Taking Your Hernia Mesh Case to Trial

As previously discussed, many defective hernia mesh cases settle out of court and do not get as far as the courtroom. That said, we are always prepared for that possibility. Our firm can continue the fight at trial by:

  • Submitting trial exhibits to the court in a timely manner
  • Speaking for you in the courtroom so you do not have to worry about making arguments on your own behalf or even testifying in person
  • Finding friendly witnesses and preparing them to either write a convincing statement or provide in-person testimony
  • Making sure we play by the court’s rules—and that the liable party obeys those same rules
  • Delivering oral arguments to the jury at the start and the conclusion of your trial

Charging No Fees Until Your Hernia Mesh Case Ends

We realize you are already stressed and uncertain about the future. As part of our mission to help clients recover, KJT Law Group charges no attorneys’ fees up front. We only collect our fee once we get money for the client—and, if we cannot win anything, you do not get a bill.

Our aggressive yet sympathetic legal team always puts clients first. We give you the chance to focus on rebuilding your life while we manage your case and keep you informed of every milestone along the way.

How Much Are Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Worth?

Everyone’s case is different. Your case’s value will be determined by:

How the Hernia Mesh Injury Affected Your Life

Hernia mesh complications can be painful, upsetting, and even traumatizing for you and your entire family. The hernia mesh manufacturer should reimburse you for all of this unnecessary suffering. We can help you seek compensation for:

  • Physical pain and distress stemming from the injury itself or from treatments (e.g., revision surgery) required to fix the problem
  • Emotional anguish, up to and including a diagnosable mental illness
  • Lost quality of life related to your inability to live independently, spend time with others, or participate in all of the activities you did before

Your Economic Losses Related to the Hernia Mesh

Sustaining an injury and needing to receive more treatment than you expected can greatly affect your income and financial security. Through the money you get from a defective hernia mesh product lawsuit, you could be reimbursed for:

  • The salary you normally get from your job(s) and which your injury prevented you from earning
  • Any job benefits you have lost, such as pension payments or health insurance coverage
  • Any future inability to go back to work, qualify for new jobs, or earn a steady living

Your Economic Expenses Related to the Hernia Mesh

You have already spent money on the original hernia mesh surgery. Now that something has gone wrong, you need to spend even more money on:

  • Getting the mesh removed and, potentially, replaced with new mesh
  • Medication and therapy to help you manage symptoms
  • Additional tests and procedures to address complications after hernia repair
  • Hiring people to help you manage day-to-day life as you once again have to recuperate from a medical procedure

Past Hernia Mesh Rulings and Your Case

Again, each case is different, so you should not look at the results of past cases and assume that you will recover a similar amount. However, the success or failure of past cases may inform the judge’s decision in your case, so it is important to be aware of developments like:

  • The 2011 pretrial settlement that C.R. Bard agreed to pay.
  • The September 2021 pretrial settlement that Ethicon agreed to pay.
  • The April 2022 ruling that ordered C.R. Bard to pay $255,000.
  • The August 2022 ruling that ordered C.R. Bard to pay $4.8 million.

You should also know that many settlement agreements are kept confidential. While verdicts are made public, if an organization agrees to settle, those outside the legal action may never know how much the plaintiffs received and why. One of very few exceptions is the 2011 case involving C.R. Bard. This agreement has been made public, so we know that they paid a total of $184 million in this case.

Evidence of Your Hernia Mesh Injury

Personal injury cases often come down to your version of events versus the liable party’s. It is then up to the judge to decide who has told the most plausible story. To make your side as strong as possible, you need support from such materials as:

  • Medical records: Your medical history contains important facts, such as what your doctor did (or did not) do for you, what injuries you have suffered since the mesh was implanted (e.g., bowel obstruction, chronic pain, bowel perforation, infection), and what treatments you needed to recover from your injury (e.g, additional surgery).
  • The liable party’s records: These can demonstrate when the liable party knew something was wrong and what actions they took (or failed to take) to protect people like you.
  • Expert statements: A manufacturing expert can help establish the defect in the mesh and how it caused your injury.
  • Witness statements: Your coworkers, friends, and family have all seen how your life changed after the injury. They can discuss their observations to help establish the effect of your hernia mesh injuries.

Can You Still Sue for Hernia Mesh Injuries?

There is still time to start a lawsuit if you suffered injuries because of defective or improperly used hernia mesh. Many hernia mesh legal actions are still ongoing, so you can either join a preexisting case or begin one of your own, depending on your circumstances.

Starting With a Free Hernia Mesh Case Review

KJT Law Group makes it easy for potential clients to learn about their rights. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us for your free consultation. A member of our team will then listen carefully as you relay your story. We can explain what legal rights and options you have.

Getting an evaluation from us is an easy, no-risk way to get the ball rolling. We charge nothing for this service, and receiving a consultation places you under absolutely no obligation to hire our firm.

Steps for Beginning a Surgical Mesh Lawsuit

A free evaluation from our team will tell you what your options are and how we can help you achieve your goals. If and when you agree to hire us, KJT Law Group can move on to next steps, which include:

  • Investigating your case: Our team can collect enough evidence to prove that the liable party’s negligence caused your injury and that your injury has had a significant, negative effect on your life.
  • Determining a course of action: Should you file a lawsuit individually, or would it be better to join a preexisting mass tort? That depends on how your injury happened and what kind of injury it was. You can talk things over with our team and let us advise you about the pros and cons of each option.
  • Filing your claim: We know exactly what paperwork to fill out and who to send it to as we get your case started. We can even respond on your behalf when other parties send communications about your case.

Injuries and Complications Caused by Hernia Mesh

There are many possible hernia mesh complications that you may experience. Some even require surgery to address. Per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), common complications include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Adhesion
  • Bowel perforation
  • Intestinal blockage
  • Intestinal fistula
  • Other complications related to hernia mesh

When Should You File a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

That depends on where you live. In each state, there is a law called a statute of limitations, which provides the deadline by which you must start a lawsuit against the person or company that harmed you.

Some states have different statutes of limitations for different kinds of injuries. The deadline you must work within might depend not just on where you live but on:

  • Whether you are filing a lawsuit for yourself or on behalf of your loved one who passed away as a result of their injuries
  • If there are any mitigating circumstances that might entitle you to extra time

An Example of How the Statute of Limitations Works in Hernia Mesh Cases

Using California as an example, the statute of limitations for many hernia mesh cases can be found at CCP § 335.1. Under this law, you have two years to begin a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit.

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