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Bicycle Accident

Biking is a healthy and eco-friendly method of transportation.   But a cyclist – even with his/her protective gear, is a vulnerable target.

Most recent data

The most recent data available says that more than 800 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in the US in 2016.   Of course, many were also just injured in various types of accidents.

When a motor vehicle and a bike collide, it is most likely the cyclist who will be seriously injured.   It has been estimated that only 10% of all vehicle-bicycle accidents are actually reported.

Two types of bike accidents

There are two main types of accidents.   The cyclist can fall from his/her bike due to unforeseen circumstances, or there can be a collision with a car or truck.

Some disturbing statistics

  • Bicyclist deaths usually occur mostly between 6 pm and 9 pm – regardless of the season.
  • Urban areas are more dangerous than rural areas.
  • Male cyclists are 5 times more likely to die on a bike.
  • Alcohol was a factor in more than 35% of all fatal bike crashes in 2016.

I had a serious bike accident.  Who is responsible for my bills? 

It can be:

  • The driver of the car

If the driver of a vehicle was negligent, and a cyclist is injured, the motorist’s insurance has to pay up.   It is however not always this clear-cut.

Hit and run accidents are common, especially where the driver of the motor vehicle was drinking.   It is not always impossible to track down such a person.   We will work tirelessly to help find the careless party and bring him to justice.

  • A government agency

Hazardous road conditions or areas of low visibility due to poor maintenance can also cause a serious bicycle accident.   The cyclist may have a claim against the relevant government agency responsible.

  • A product liability

The bicycle itself can have an inherent defect.   Here the injured party may have a claim against the particular manufacturer.

 We are experienced bike accident attorneys

We want to represent you, our client.  We know how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies, government agencies, and manufacturers on your behalf.   Don’t settle for just anything if you have suffered an injury in a bicycle accident.

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