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Dog Bite

Were you bitten by a dog?   You may have the right to recover damages from the owner of the animal.

What you should do if a dog bites you

  • Seek medical attention. An animal bite can cause serious injury or infection.   Once you have been seen by a doctor, you should consider consulting a personal injury attorney.
  • An experienced Californian personal injury attorney in these matters will ask you to tell your story in detail. They would want to know all of the circumstances.   It would help a lot if the names and contact information of witnesses could be provided.

But who is responsible?  

The easy answer is the owner of the animal.   However, all sort of questions arise.

Did the owner know that his animal was dangerous?  Did he warn people about it? Also, should an owner be warier because of the type of animal?   If you keep a pit bull, you should know that there is a chance that the dog will bite, notwithstanding the temperament of the particular animal.

Owners are not always responsible

There are cases where an owner will not be held liable for an attack by a dog.

  • The owner warned others about the dangerous dog. He kept it away from people, but someone ignored his warning and was injured.   In this case, the injured person did not exercise care for his/her safety and the owner cannot be held responsible.
  • You climbed over a fence and were bitten by a dog on the other side. A jury may find that climbing over walls is not reasonable and normal behavior and the owner is therefore not liable.
  • If someone provoked an animal, and the dog attacked, the owner could not be held responsible.

We can help! 

You may be entitled to recover damages for injuries if you or a loved one was bitten by a dog.

It can, however, be complicated to determine your legal rights.  It may even be unclear who the real owner of the dog is and what sort of damages you are entitled to.

To be bitten by a vicious animal is a traumatic experience.   You should receive just compensation.   Contact KJT Law.   We have experience in handling dog- and other animal bite cases.

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