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Oxnard Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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If you suffered an injury or illness because of your work and are struggling to get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, an Oxnard personal injury lawyer at KJT Law Group can help. 

California law requires workers’ comp insurance for all employers in the state. Our attorneys know how to challenge a denial and fight for your benefits or negotiate a settlement on your behalf. 

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will assess your options and answer your questions about our services: (818) 507-8525. 

Why Choose Our Lawyers for Your Oxnard Workers’ Compensation Case?

You can count on our lawyers to understand your position and advocate for your best interests. We do not back down when insurance companies make it difficult for injured workers to get the money they need while they heal.  

When it comes to our workers’ comp case results, we believe they speak for themselves. We have a demonstrated ability to secure the benefits and fair settlements our clients deserve based on their on-the-job injuries. Some recent case outcomes include: 

  • $2,000,000 secured for a worker who suffered lasting disabilities in an on-the-job accident
  • $270,000 recovered for an employee hurt at work
  • $105,000 settlement for a worker who sustained a shoulder injury in a fall
  • $100,000 settlement for an employee who required treatment for a knee injury after a fall 
  • $100,000 settlement for an injured office worker

While this long track record of recoveries for injured workers does not guarantee a positive outcome in your case, it demonstrates that our Oxnard attorneys have the experience and resources to seek and recover medical care costs, lost income, and other benefits for our clients.

Our Oxnard Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Will Review Your Case and Explain Your Benefits

As an employee of a business in California, your employer likely has workers’ compensation insurance coverage. The state requires that all businesses provide this policy for all workers from the first day they are on staff. 

This policy should kick in and provide benefits for you if: 

  • You are hurt in an accident at your workplace.
  • You suffer injuries while on the job in another location.
  • You receive a diagnosis of an occupational illness.
  • You develop a work-related injury due to repetitive motions or other similar causes.

In theory, you should only have to notify your supervisor that you suffered an injury and seek medical care for it to receive benefits. However, it is not always that simple.

Benefits Covered by Oxnard Workers’ Compensation Policies

When it works as intended, workers’ compensation insurance provides a way to ensure employees get the care and income replacement they need to recover from their injuries and illnesses and return to the workforce. Injured and sick workers facing on-the-job injuries need help making ends meet and ensuring they receive the necessary health care to reach their maximum medical improvement (MMI). 

In exchange for the following benefits, injured workers generally cannot sue their employer for an on-the-job accident or exposure: 

  • Medical care for your work-related injury or illness with no bills coming to you
  • Temporary disability benefits for a portion of your income lost while you are recovering from your injuries and cannot work your usual job
  • Permanent disability benefits for those who cannot return to their previous position or income level because of lasting injuries
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits to pay for education, skill enhancement, or retraining to help you return to the workforce despite new disabilities
  • Death benefits for the dependents of workers who died from their injuries or illness

Our Oxnard Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Know What Can Go Wrong in an Injury Claim

When something goes wrong in a workers’ comp case, the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) oversees the process used to settle disputes and ensure proper administration of these claims. However, this does not mean injured workers should count on this agency to advocate on their behalf. If you are struggling with your Oxnard workers’ comp claim, you want a knowledgeable attorney on your side. 

We can help with a wide range of issues, such as: 

  • Disputed injuries or disagreements about the severity of the injury
  • Claim denials and appeals
  • If your benefits do not provide the money you expected
  • If the insurance company offers you a settlement

Our workers’ compensation lawyers understand how this insurance coverage works, what you should expect to receive, and when the insurance carrier will likely offer a fair settlement based on your long-term injuries. You do not have to try to handle any of this process on your own. Our knowledgeable and experienced Oxnard team can answer your questions, offer guidance, and provide legal representation to the insurance company and other parties throughout this process.

When Should I Call an Oxnard Workers’ Comp Lawyer About My Case?

At KJT Law Group, we encourage you to contact us about your case as soon as you have an indication that things are not going smoothly. Time is of the essence when you are out of work and need medical care. Your workers’ comp benefits will allow you to pay your day-to-day bills until you can return to your job. 

Our free, no-obligation consultations make it easy to connect with our team and learn if there might be a problem with your claim. Whether you are looking for representation to negotiate a fair settlement or appeal a claim denial, our Oxnard, CA, lawyers are here to help. 

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