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Southern California Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

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Filing a Swimming Pool Accident Claim in California

Southern California has warm weather year-round, so swimming pools are a common sight. While they are an excellent way to exercise, have fun, and cool off, they can be dangerous—even deadly—if they are not maintained or guarded properly.

A Southern California swimming pool accident attorney from our law office understands the intricacies of such cases. We would be happy to handle your entire case, so you do not have to worry about doing it alone. For more information, call KJT Law Group at (818) 507-8525, and we can review your case free of charge.

How Common Are Swimming Pool Accidents?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), California tied with Texas as the second most dangerous state for child swimmers in the summer of 2017: 14 children in each state drowned in a spa or pool during those months. In the country as a whole, about 163 children drowned that summer. One hundred twelve of these victims were under five years old. Swimming pool accidents are most common among young children who:
  • Generally cannot swim as well as adults
  • May tire more easily
  • Are smaller and can more easily escape notice
  • Are not aware of pool safety and could sneak into a pool without an adult noticing
If you or your child sustained a pool injury, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from KJT Law Group can help you figure out the best way of getting the compensation you need.

Injuries Resulting from Swimming Pool Accidents

If you are injured in or near a swimming pool, you could sustain any number of injuries, including:
  • Head injuries: If the pool is not as deep as you think, you could hit your head on the bottom and end up with a concussion or a traumatic brain injury.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Similarly, hitting your head hard enough could damage your spine, leading to paralysis.
  • Broken bones: If you get your fingers or toes caught in a drain, or if you hit them on the bottom or sides of the pool, the small, delicate bones in those digits could break.
Drowning is also a big risk. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thousands of people drown every year. Most of them—over 8,000—survive the experience, but nearly 4,000 do not. Even if you survive drowning, the oxygen deprivation from your time underwater could cause permanent brain damage, and the trauma of a near-death experience could stay with you for the rest of your life.

Proving Liability for a Swimming Pool Accident

In some cases, an accident is just that: an accident. Everyone involved did everything they should have, but you still ended up getting injured through some unpredictable event that no one could have reasonably foreseen or prevented. However, in all too many cases, swimming pool accidents and all of the pain they cause could have been avoided. The following examples illustrate a few cases where someone else is liable for your injury and could be held financially responsible through a lawsuit:
  • The pool’s owner did not install a fence, self-closing gate, drain cover, alarm, or another piece of safety equipment recommended by the CPSC.
  • The pool’s owner did not tell you there was no lifeguard on duty, or they claimed there was a lifeguard but failed to provide one.
  • There is a defect with the pool itself, which could mean that the manufacturer is liable if they should have known of the defect and did not take steps to fix it.
  • The pool was not properly maintained, either because the owner did not see to it or the maintenance team the owner hired failed to do their job.
  • The owner added safety features in good faith, but they did not realize that the materials they used were faulty or dangerous.
Not sure if your case has a liable party, or if there is one, how to prove they owe you damages? One of our swimming pool accident lawyers in Los Angeles can answer that crucial question for you.

Getting Compensation for a Swimming Pool Accident

Filing a claim or lawsuit is a good way of fighting for justice after someone else’s negligence did you or your family harm. You could receive compensation based on any physical and psychological trauma, as well as any financial hardship associated with the accident.

If you are in Southern California, an attorney from our team can seek damages like these and more on your behalf after a swimming pool accident:

Recovering Non-Economic Damages

“Non-economic” is another way of referring to the mental and physical stress you would not have suffered if the accident had not happened. These can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of consortium

Getting Economic Damages

We can include any money you lost due to the injury in your case. Common examples include:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages or earning capacity
  • Loss of employment or job opportunities
  • Other accident-related expenses

Know Your Rights After a Swimming Pool Accident

KJT Law Group is committed to providing professional legal care to all of our clients. A Southern California swimming pool accident attorney from our office can:

  • Collect enough evidence to prove who the liable party is, how they contributed to your accident, and how much they should pay you in damages
  • Take care of administrative tasks, like submitting paperwork
  • Keep all of the relevant parties in touch, serving as a middleman so you do not have to have direct contact with the other side
  • Figure out the best way of seeking compensation, whether it be negotiating for a pretrial settlement or taking your case to court

At the same time, we understand that your case is more than just another lawsuit: it represents pain and anguish that no amount of compensation can ever truly make up for. Our team can support you throughout the legal process by:

  • Evaluating your case over the phone at no risk or cost to you
  • Providing advice about how to weigh your options and fulfill your legal responsibilities
  • Responding to your calls as soon as possible and always keeping you up to date on your case

Why Hire a Swimming Pool Accident Attorney?

Personal injury cases can get complicated. For instance:
  • How many liable parties are there? If there is more than one, how should you distribute fault among them?
  • How much time do you have to file a lawsuit?
  • Does your case qualify as a personal injury case?
You can rely on our Southern California personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles to answer all of these questions and more. We do not want you to ever feel like you are alone or that you must acquiesce to what the liable party’s insurance company wants, even if it is not best for you.

Contact Southern California Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer at KJT Law Group

If you or your child suffered a severe injury after a swimming pool accident, call us at (818) 507-8525KJT Law Group serves clients in Southern California and can ensure that your rights are protected throughout your case. Our Southern California Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis, so you owe no attorney’s fees until your case is settled.
If you or someone you love was injured due to another person’s negligence, contact KJT Law Group at (818) 507-8525 for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and options.

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