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Things to Know About Workers’ Compensation Mediation

If you filed your workers’ compensation claim, you may have questions regarding the process. Many believe that once they file a claim for an injury sustained at work, all that is left to do is receive the benefits they need to move forward. However, workers’ compensation claims may be disputed. In these cases, claimants may […]

Is an Old Injury Still Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

Whether your old injury will be eligible for workers’ compensation and how much you can receive in benefits depends on a few factors, such as: If the original injury resulted because of a workplace issue If the new injury resulted because of your job If you have received benefits and treatment for the injury in […]

How Long Do You Have to Retain Workers’ Compensation Records?

Workers’ Compensation Records

How long you should retain your workers’ compensation records may depend on your state. However, you should always hold onto your records until your workers’ compensation claim settles. It could also be in your best interest to hold onto them longer to ensure you are prepared should something unexpected happen.If you have filed a workers’ […]

Does a Volunteer Have to Be Included on Workers’ Compensation?

Volunteer Have to Be Included on Workers' Compensation

Usually, a company does not need to include volunteers in its workers’ compensation program. Because there is no such requirement at the federal or state level in California, many companies elect not to cover their volunteers. This absence of insurance can lead to an uncomfortable and potentially expensive situation if a volunteer is injured while […]

Average Workers’ Compensation Settlement for a Shoulder Injury?

Workers’ Compensation Settlement for a Shoulder Injury

There is no average workers’ compensation settlement for a shoulder injury. The settlement you receive will depend on criteria that are very specific to your situation, such as: The extent of your injury, including whether it will ever fully heal How much time off you had to take while your injury healed The cost of […]

How to Report a Fraud Workers’ Compensation Claim

Fraud Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you suspect someone has inappropriately filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you must report a fraud workers’ compensation claim. The steps to do so include: Collecting any evidence you have of the fraudulent claim Filing the proper form with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) (if you are a citizen or an insurer) […]

Do Seasonal Workers Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

Seasonal Workers Qualify

Seasonal workers do qualify for workers’ compensation, so long as they are classified as “employees” (as opposed to “independent contractors” or some other designation). If you meet this criterion, you could receive weekly checks for a portion of your lost wages, medical treatment, and even disability payments.   When Do Seasonal Workers Get Workers’ Comp? […]

What Are Rehabilitation Rights for Injured Workers?

Injured Workers

Rehabilitation rights refer to the right of an injured worker to fully recover from a work-related injury. Such rights apply to both physical and vocational rehabilitation, which workers’ compensation benefits can often cover. To receive the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury or illness, you should understand rehabilitation rights and how they may apply to […]

Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries at the Workplace

Eye Injuries at the Workplace

Eye injuries are a common occurrence in US workplaces. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2,000 workers suffer eye-related injuries every day. Common workplace eye injuries include scrapes, penetration, and burns. Severe eye injuries can cause temporary or permanent blindness. Fortunately, you prevent eye injuries at the workplace […]

Are Maritime Workers Eligible for Workers’Compensation

Maritime Workers Eligible for Workers’Compensation

Maritime workers who are injured on the job are not entitled to the usual workers’ compensation most employees are used to. However, maritime workers do have other protections in place when they get hurt at work. What protection you qualify for will depend on your job title, the nature of your job, and the type […]

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