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Do You Get Paid for Holidays While on Workers’ Compensation?

Paid for Holidays While on Workers’ Compensation

Whether or not you do get paid for holidays while on workers’ compensation depends on your employer’s policy and the terms of your employment contract. An attorney who handles workers’ compensation cases can help you to better understand and take advantage of your rights in this situation.   Holiday Pay Versus Workers’ Compensation Both workers’ […]

Can I Claim Compensation for Psychological Injury at Workplace?

You can claim compensation for a psychological injury at the workplace, but the process for doing so can be more complex than seeking compensation for a physical injury. If you would like assistance with filing or pursuing your claim, consider hiring a workers’ comp attorney to represent you.   What Are Workplace Psychological Injuries? The […]

Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Available to Construction Workers in California?

Comp Benefits Available to Construction Workers in California

Workers’ comp benefits are available to construction workers in California if the worker is an employee, not an independent contractor. To receive such benefits, you will have to follow these steps: Report your injury to your employer See a doctor from the medical provider network or, if necessary, emergency services Wait for your employer to […]

Are Apprentices Required to Have Workers’ Compensation?

Apprentices Required to Have Workers’ Compensation

Apprentices are often required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Whether you receive such benefits after a workplace accident may depend on the terms of your contract and whether your employer accepts your claim for benefits.If you have doubts or concerns about your eligibility for workers’ compensation payments, you can always consult an attorney who has […]

What Happens Next After a Workers’ Compensation Deposition is Over?

Workers’ Compensation Deposition is Over

When you file a workers’ compensation claim after a workplace injury, your attorney or the workers’ compensation carrier may ask for depositions from you, witnesses, or experts. These depositions are used to build a factual basis for your case. But, what happens after your workers’ compensation deposition is over? First, you’ll review the deposition with your […]

What Happens to Medical Bills if Workers’ Comp is Denied?

Medical Bills if Workers’ Comp is Denied

You could be liable for the medical bills if workers’ comp denies your claim. Depending on your state, you may challenge the decision through a secondary medical evaluation and appeal. A workers’ compensation attorney can be a critical ally in the fight for benefits after your work injury. The simple answer to what happens to your […]

What Happens if a Workplace Accident is Not Reported?

Workplace Accident is Not Reported

Workplace injuries should always be reported to the employer. Every state has different requirements, but it is best to report any workplace accident immediately (often within 30 days) and file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. Missing the deadline could mean you are denied benefits. Equally important is seeking medical attention for injuries […]

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