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How Long Can You Be on Federal Workers’ Compensation?

Generally, there is no set time limit for how long you can be on federal workers’ compensation. It depends on the severity of your injury or illness and how this affects your ability to work. For example, there may be restrictions on the benefits you can receive, and you will likely be required to attend […]

What Are My Options If I Am Injured at Work by Faulty Equipment?

If your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, you have options if you are injured at work by faulty equipment. Your first option is to file a workers’ compensation claim. These benefits will provide you with medical care at no cost, as well as a portion of your lost wages until you recover […]

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Workers’ Comp Settlement?

Receiving a settlement can resolve your workers’ compensation case, but there are pros and cons to consider. However, accepting a settlement may mean you cannot request further compensation for future medical expenses you may have. You could lose out on benefits by taking a settlement. On the other hand, accepting a settlement provides you with […]

Why It’s Important to Report Workplace Injuries Quickly

It is important to report workplace injuries quickly to protect your right to file for worker’s compensation benefits. California requires employees to report workplace injuries to their employers within 30 days of the injury. If workers fail to report a work injury on time, they may be ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Ineligibility means they […]

Can I Have Two Third-Party Insurance Claims?

Sometimes, an injured victim might need to file multiple third-party insurance claims based on their case facts. This is possible, although you will likely want to work with a lawyer to help you navigate this process. Establishing the percentage of fault shared between parties in these cases can be challenging. To learn more, contact a […]

Is Your Workers’ Comp Claim a Third-Party Personal Injury Claim, Too?

A workers’ compensation claim is a first-party claim because you are the covered party filing a claim based on your own insurance. Generally, all California businesses with employees must purchase this coverage for their workers, and it pays out when a worker suffers on-the-job injuries. When that worker’s injuries occur because of someone else’s negligence, […]

Can You Reopen a Personal Injury Case?

After receiving advice from your lawyer and reviewing the terms of a settlement agreement, you put your signature to paper, and your personal injury case came to a close. The negligent party’s insurance provider made a payout, but now you want to reopen your case because it turns out you did not receive enough compensation. […]

What to Expect at Your Workers’ Compensation Hearing

As the date of your workers’ compensation hearing draws closer, you may be feeling nervous. There could be much at stake. You were hurt while on the job, and you need compensation to cover your lost wages and medical bills. One reason why you may be nervous is because you’re not sure what to expect […]

Top 7 Workers’ Comp Deposition Mistakes

Some of the top workers’ compensation deposition mistakes include failing to follow your lawyer’s advice and giving answers that you are not certain of. Depositions are recorded, and your statements may be used against you in one or more ways—including as evidence at trial. You can work with a lawyer from our team to prepare […]

How Long Should a Personal Injury Case Take to Settle?

There is no specific time frame for how long a personal injury case “should” take to settle. Each case is different, so the time frame for settling can vary dramatically. Some cases settle in a few months, while others take multiple years. The unique factors of your case will determine how long your settlement takes. […]

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