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Breaking Down the Statute of Limitations in Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Claims

The statute of limitations in birth injury medical malpractice claims is generally three years. However, certain factors, such as the age of the injury victims, can alter the filing timeframe that applies to your birth injury claim.   Breaking down the statute of limitations in birth injury medical malpractice lawsuits can be challenging. Doing so is […]

How to Build a Strong Birth-Related Injury Case: Steps and Strategies

The steps and strategies for building a strong birth-related injury case may differ from case to case. Some of the steps that may help include: Hiring a Birth Injury Attorney Legal help from a personal injury lawyer who has dealt with birth injury claims like yours before can relieve some of the burden of pursuing legal action. […]

Legal Rights and Resources for Families Affected by Birth Injuries

If your family was affected by a birth injury, you have legal rights that include seeking compensation from a negligent doctor or healthcare facility. There are also resources like therapy and support groups your family can look into for help after suffering from medical negligence.  You can also hire a personal injury lawyer to help […]

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