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Your home should be your castle.

As a tenant you have the legal
right to a safe and habitable dwelling
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Landlords have the responsibility to keep their rental properties in safe and healthy conditions. Tenant have the right to proper living standards including:

  • Running water
  • Adequate heat sources
  • Sanitary bathrooms
  • Property free of rodents, rats, and insect infestations
  • Property free from mold and asbestos exposure

Should a landlord fail to meet basic requirements, the lessee can vacate the premises or deduct the cost of repair from his rent.

‘Fit for human occupancy’

The following basic conditions must be met if a landlord wants to rent out space.

  • The property must be waterproof – especially the roof and exterior walls
  • Plumbing and gas facilities must be compliant with the law
  • Hot and cold running water must be provided
  • Facilities for heat and electricity facilities must be well-maintained
  • Building and grounds must be free from debris and vermin
  • Enough garbage receptacles
  • Stairs, floors, and railings must be well-maintained
  • Entry doors must have deadbolt locks and windows that can be opened must be secure

The landlord must maintain all of these and do the necessary repairs.   The tenant also has a responsibility to properly use amenities, to keep the property clean and not to damage anything.

Our attorneys have experience in keeping tenants safe and holding landlords accountable. If you are experiencing deplorable living conditions, contact us today.

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