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Pedestrian accident

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Southern California pedestrian accident attorney may be able to help you recover compensation and get justice based on the facts of your case. If a careless driver caused your collision and injuries, KJT Law Group is here for you. We navigate these claims and lawsuits regularly and know what it takes to win money damages for our clients. KJT Law Group has personal injury attorneys ready to review your case today. We can answer your questions, assess your options, and explain your legal rights. Our team represents pedestrian accident victims in Los Angeles and across Southern California. Call (818) 507-8525 now to get started.

Serious Injuries Are Common in Southern California Pedestrian Accidents

Most pedestrians do not have any defense when a vehicle strikes them. Devastating and catastrophic injuries are not unusual in these collisions, although some people suffer relatively moderate or minor injuries. Our team sees a wide range of severities and types of injuries after pedestrian accidents. Examples include: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Other head or facial injuries, including concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Other neck or back injuries
  • Internal injuries and bleeding
  • Fractures, compound breaks, and crush injuries
  • Amputations
  • Serious cuts and abrasions
  • Burns, scarring, and disfigurement

If your injuries were severe after a pedestrian vs. car crash, you likely went to the nearest trauma center or emergency department via ambulance. Your primary concern early on should be your own health. You need to fight to stabilize your injuries and receive the necessary treatment and rehabilitation. 

But Do Not Wait Too Long to Seek Legal Representation

You must not wait too long to consider your legal case and how you will pay for your medical care and other expenses. As soon as your injuries allow—or as soon as an immediate family member can seek help on your behalf—contact our pedestrian accident team. 

At KJT Law Group, we can review your case and get to work on investigating what happened and building your insurance claim immediately. From there, you can trust us to take care of everything while you focus on healing.

Seeking Damages to Pay for Your Medical Care, Lost Wages, and More

When our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers represent a client in a pedestrian accident case, we pursue justice for them by holding the at-fault party legally responsible for their expenses and losses. We take steps to identify both economic and non-economic damages and demand compensation from the liable party or their insurer. Most of these cases settle successfully out of court. The recoverable damages in a Southern California pedestrian accident case may include:
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic damages
  • Medical care, including estimated future and ongoing expenses
  • Lost income from all sources, including wages, tips, commissions, and more
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Other related expenses with documentation
We handle wrongful death claims on behalf of our clients as well. If your loved one died from their pedestrian accident injuries, we are here to help your family hold the at-fault driver legally responsible for their carelessness or recklessness.

Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys Know How to Fight for Your Damages

At KJT Law Group, our team will make your case a priority. Your attorney will know your name, the details of your case, and how we can best meet your needs. Our case results show our history of providing effective counsel for our clients and recovering millions of dollars in settlements and financial awards. We have staff who can discuss your case with you in English, Spanish, or Armenian. We approach each case with compassion, knowledge, and experience. We want to help you get justice and compensation, allowing you to recover as fully as possible from your accident injuries. Our team fights for a positive outcome in every case we handle, even when that means going toe-to-toe with corporate legal teams, taking a case to trial, or working with experts to prove negligence. You can talk to one of our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles for free today. We meet with collision victims at the hospital or rehabilitation facility, their home, our office, or even virtually. We want to ensure that you understand your legal rights, how the claims process works, and anything else you need to know to make an informed decision about your next steps – all with no upfront fees or costs.

Developing a Pedestrian Accident Case in Los Angeles

At KJT Law Group, our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys can help you understand your rights as a pedestrian and take action to hold the driver who caused your accident legally responsible. If you were hurt by a driver’s negligence, you have a right to seek and recover compensation to pay for your care and help you live with any lasting injuries. We know how to investigate these cases to determine fault and identify all potentially liable parties. In most cases, the liable party is the at-fault driver. However, it could also be the company that employs the driver, the agency that maintains the roadway, or another party.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Some common causes of pedestrian accidents include: 

  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving
  • Speeding
  • Failure to follow traffic rules

These collisions most commonly occur:

  • In intersections when the driver is turning
  • In crosswalks when the driver fails to stop for the pedestrian
  • In parking lots when the driver does not look before backing up
  • On narrow roads when the driver does not leave enough room to safely pass the pedestrian

Filing an Insurance Claim

We often help our clients file an insurance claim to recover compensation for their injuries and treatment costs. We base this claim on the at-fault driver’s auto liability coverage. According to the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), all California drivers must carry:
  • $15,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $30,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $5,000 property damage coverage
Our team can build your case and present it to the at-fault driver’s insurance company, demanding a fair and just payout based on the estimated value of your damages. Then we negotiate with them to reach a settlement.

Filing a Lawsuit

Under some circumstances, filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver may be necessary. We will discuss this process with you if needed in your case. We can handle all aspects of the legal case, including developing a solid argument and representing your best interests in court. Our pedestrian accident lawyers in Los Angeles must begin a lawsuit before the second anniversary of the crash, based on the deadline set by CCP § 335.1. You could lose the right to sue if we do not stick to this timeline, along with any leverage during settlement negotiations. For this reason, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

Talk to a Southern California Pedestrian Accident Lawyer From Our Team Today

Reach out to KJT Law Group to discuss your injuries and Southern California pedestrian accident case with us today for free. A member of our team will review your rights with you and explain your options for seeking justice and compensation. We provide these free consultations so we can ensure that victims get the help they need after an injury accident. Call (818) 507-8525 now to start pursuing financial recovery in your case.
If you or someone you love was injured due to another person’s negligence, contact KJT Law Group at (818) 507-8525 for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and options.

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