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What are the Types of Injuries not covered under Workers Compensation

types of injuries not covered under workers compensation

In general, workers’ compensation benefits cover injuries and illnesses that occur because of work or at work, as long as they are within the course and scope of the job. When these cases go to court, the courts generally interpret “course and scope” very broadly. Most tend to side with covering most injuries suffered by […]

What is a Third-Party Claim in a Workers Compensation Case?

third party claim in workers compensation

Sometimes, injured workers can file a third-party claim in a workers’ compensation case. This allows them to seek and recover additional compensation beyond what is available through their employer’s insurer. In most cases, workers’ comp only covers medical care and a portion of lost income. A third-party claim or lawsuit could allow an injured worker […]

What is the Importance of a QMEs in a Workers Compensation Case

importance of QMEs in a workers compensation case

A computer randomly assigns qualified medical examiners (QMEs) to workers’ compensation cases in California. The importance of QMEs in a workers’ compensation case cannot be overstated. In many cases, the QME or a QME panel plays a key role in ensuring an injured worker gets the care they need. This is especially true in situations […]

Who Is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation in California

Eligible for Workers’ Compensation in California

In general, all part- and full-time employees should be eligible for workers’ compensation in California. The state’s workers’ compensation laws require all employers with one or more workers to provide this type of insurance coverage. Benefits should be available to all employees if they suffer an on-the-job injury or have another qualifying condition. If you […]

Difference Between QMEs and AMEs in Workers’ Compensation

QMEs and AMEs in Workers’ Compensation

Qualified medical examiners (QMEs) and agreed medical examiners (AMEs) have some key differences. Yet, the biggest one is choice. Computerized programs choose QMEs and assign them to injured claimants’ cases. The claimant generally does not get a say in whether they want to work with a specific QME. However, matters change if an injured person […]

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