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How Does a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Help in a Secondary Injury Settlement

A workers’ comp lawyer can help you pursue a secondary injury settlement if you suffer health issues as a result of your original injury. For example, if you received workers’ compensation benefits for a torn rotator cuff, and later experienced pinched nerves at the site of your rotator cuff injury, you could pursue a secondary […]

How Does a Workers Comp Lawyer Settle Post Termination Claims For Cumulative Trauma

When you pursue workers’ compensation benefits for cumulative trauma after a job termination, a workers’ comp lawyer is an invaluable resource.A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you gather evidence and submit critical forms within designated time frames. They can also represent you in disputes and appeals hearings before the workers’ compensation board and administrative judges. […]

Importance of Going to the Doctor Because of Workers’ Comp Benefits

When you’re injured in the workplace, you may be tempted to brush it off or recover on your own. However, medical treatment is critical to your workers’ compensation case. To understand the importance of going to the doctor because of workers’ comp benefits, it’s important to know what the doctor can contribute to your case. […]

What Are Post Termination Claims For a Continuous Trauma in Workers Compensation Law

Post-termination defense is often used by workers’ compensation claims administrators to deny workers’ comp benefits. These claim denials state that you are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits because you no longer work for your employer. Fortunately, you still have options if you were injured on the job but didn’t file your claim until after you […]

What is the 90-Day Rule Under Workers Compensation Law in California

The 90-day rule under workers’ compensation law in California states that the workers’ compensation insurance carrier must provide a decision on your claim within 90 days of submission. If it is not approved, denied, or extended within 90 days, the claim is automatically approved.The carrier can extend the consideration period. They must send a Notice […]

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