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What Is a Lump Sum Settlement in a Workers’ Comp Claim

When you get a settlement for your workers’ compensation claim, you have the option of choosing a lump sum settlement or stipulated payment. A lump sum settlement pays the entire settlement at once, while stipulated payments distribute the settlement in installments.A lump sum payment offers certain advantages, but there are some downsides, too. The best […]

What is a Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher for Workers’ Compensation in California

The supplemental job displacement benefit (SJDB) is a voucher program for workers unable to return to their jobs due to permanent disability caused by a workplace illness or injury. The vouchers can be used for education, training, and licensing programs at accredited schools. The goal of California’s supplemental job displacement voucher for workers’ compensation is to […]

Can an Employer Terminate an Employee While on Workers Comp

Firing an employee specifically because they asked for workers’ comp benefits is illegal. You should consider talking to a workers’ compensation attorney if your employer threatens to fire you––or terminates you entirely. However, if an employer has a valid reason for wanting to fire an employee—for example, the employee was engaging in illegal behavior—then yes, […]

How to Prepare for an IME Report in a Workers Compensation Case

Tips for how to prepare for an independent medical examination (IME) report in a workers’ compensation case include: Reviewing any paperwork your employer’s insurer sends to the doctor Deciding what you want to say to the doctor ahead of time Consulting a workers’ compensation attorney, so you know your rights and duties in this situation […]

Know About Temporary and Permanent Disability Benefits in Workers Compensation

If you are considering filing for workers’ comp benefits after a workplace injury, it is vital that you know about temporary and permanent disability benefits. These benefits are: Designed to compensate workers who sustain injuries while they are on the job Available to support workers who cannot work for any period (or ever again) Available […]

What Can You Do if Your Workers Compensation Claim Is Denied

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you can do several things, including: Finding out the reason for the denial Filing an appeal if the denial cannot be easily fixed any other way Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney if you have not already done so Why Was My Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied? Sometimes a claim […]

What Are Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits in Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured at work and suffered a permanent partial disability, you could receive compensation to cover new job training or a career change. Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits (SJDB) in workers’ compensation provide those eligible with a voucher to receive training, resumé help, and even computer equipment. However, make sure to check the requirements […]

Can You Collect Workers Compensation After Being Fired From the Job

Yes, it’s possible to collect workers’ compensation after being fired from the job where you suffered an injury. But California’s workers’ compensation processes can make filing for and recovering these benefits more complicated. Employers are protected by the post-termination defense that prevents retaliation by terminated employees.However, there are many ways you and your workers’ compensation […]

Do I Need to Release My Medical Records in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Yes, your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company need your medical records to investigate your workers’ compensation claim. They need this information to validate your claim and determine the cost to pay for your benefits. If you do not release your medical records, they will likely deny your claim. However, you do not have […]

Does Repetitive Strain Injury Qualify for Disability Benefits in a Workers Compensation Case

Yes, a work-related repetitive strain injury can qualify for disability benefits in a workers’ compensation case. However, you may only receive disability benefits if the repetitive strain injury prevents you from working your current job or obtaining any other gainful employment. In addition to disability benefits, your work-related repetitive strain injury may also qualify you […]

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