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The Impact of Technological Advancements on Dental Malpractice Litigation

Technological advances in dentistry have made it easier for patients and their attorneys to hold negligent dental practitioners accountable. Modern dental technology supports more consistent standards and easy access to medical records. This makes it easier for attorneys to prove negligence, establish causality, and calculate damages. 

You can learn more about the impact of technological advancements on dental malpractice litigation and how technology can help you secure the financial compensation you deserve. Then, you can contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

Improved Standardization for Diagnosis and Treatment

Digital dentistry in the form of charting technology, diagnostic imaging, and artificial intelligence (AI) have helped dentists standardize diagnostic procedures and treatments. Imaging and diagnostic procedures are more accurate and detailed. This allows dental health providers to diagnose medical issues correctly and prescribe the appropriate treatment. 

In addition, impression scanners, X-ray technology, and CAD/CAM design technology let dentists quickly develop and implement quality reconstructions, prosthetics, and other dental solutions. 

Advanced Charting for Better Medical Documentation

At the same time, artificial intelligence allows dental care practitioners to better document the patient’s journey and share critical information with other healthcare providers.

Whereas dentists previously used hand-written notes and charts to track patient health, now they have access to computer programs used by dentists throughout the industry. Information from diagnostic imaging, development software, lab results, and other critical details are easy to maintain using digital technology. 

Easier Access to Medical Records and Other Evidence

Dental malpractice cases benefit from the easy access to records modern technology affords. Since charts, imaging, and other critical medical records are stored in digital formats, record requests are easy to fulfill.

Automated programs also allow attorneys researching dental malpractice cases to conduct a thorough investigation. With standardized charts in digital formats, attorneys can quickly pinpoint where the dental provider deviated from the standard of care

Faster Turnaround on Expert Testimony and Witness Statements 

Expert opinions are a critical piece of evidence when pursuing a dental malpractice case. Your attorney can quickly transfer medical records to a dental expert for review and analysis. 

When employee scheduling and procedures are maintained on digital programs, it becomes easier for your lawyer to determine who was present when the malpractice occurred. They can quickly call employees and other witnesses to obtain statements and further bolster your claim. 

Economic and Non-Economic Damage Calculations

With invoices, receipts, and other documentation readily accessible in digital formats, your attorney can more rapidly calculate a reasonable settlement value for your losses. This allows them to prepare demand letters, submit claims, and negotiate with malpractice insurance adjusters to achieve a desirable outcome. 

Online Claim Submissions, Communications, and Negotiations

Email encryption, password security, and other secure mechanisms let your dental malpractice attorney exchange confidential information with select individuals. Electronic communications speed up the filing and negotiation processes so that you can receive your settlement more quickly. 

Legal Filings Through Online Portals

While some smaller locations still require you to file legal documents in person or by fax, most jurisdictions have established online filing portals. Your attorney can file a legal complaint online to begin the dental malpractice lawsuit

If they use an online process server or courier services, they can also arrange for copies of the complaint to be delivered to the named parties, a critical legal requirement when filing a lawsuit. 

Your attorney can file motions, briefs, and other legal actions throughout your case via the court’s approved online system. Information exchange during discovery is often handled by encrypted email, and even depositions can be completed through remote video calls with court approval.

Reduced Potential for Dental Malpractice Claims

While modern technology facilitates the speedy pursuit of dental malpractice claims, it also helps to reduce the potential for malpractice lawsuits. Providers who use digital dentistry can minimize errors with more accurate diagnostic imaging and impressions. 

Patient care is streamlined with digital workflows that keep everyone at the practice on the same page. With better communication, there is less potential for mistakes that could lead to a dental malpractice claim, including:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Incorrect treatment
  • Lack of patient consent
  • Unnecessary tooth extraction
  • Cosmetic dentistry errors
  • Physical injury
  • Infection
  • Medication errors
  • Discrimination

Call for a Free Consultation – Our Dental Malpractice Lawyer Can Represent You

Even with the latest technology, dental care practitioners can make mistakes or exercise poor judgment. If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a dental provider’s negligent actions, you can take legal steps and pursue damages with a dental malpractice claim. 

Call KJT Law Group today to learn about the impact of technological advancements on dental malpractice litigation. During your free initial consultation, we can review your case and explain your legal options so you can make an informed decision about your dental malpractice claim. 

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