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Bus Accident Lawyer’s Guide to Negotiating with Insurance Companies

If you or a loved one was injured in a recent bus accident, a lawyer’s guide to negotiating with the insurance companies could help secure your financial recovery. A bus accident lawyer can identify all liable parties and pursue all avenues of compensation. 

Your legal team will assess the financial expenses and losses you incurred due to the accident. They will also document your damages and build an evidence collection that proves their value and your right to fair compensation. Your lawyer will represent you at every stage of negotiations and fight for the best possible financial outcome for you throughout the legal process. 

Document the Cause of the Bus Accident for the Insurance Company

A bus accident can have a variety of causes, meaning it can be hard to identify the at-fault party. To do so, your lawyer will document the following elements of negligence:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Damages 

Knowing whose negligence caused the accident also tells you which insurance company to pursue. Your lawyer will undertake this process for you while you focus on getting better. 

A Bus Accident Lawyer Can Build a Compelling Evidence Collection

An important insurance claim negotiation tip is building a case file of evidence that indicates negligence and financial liability. Often, the weight of the accumulated evidence will steer a personal injury case away from a trial and toward an out-of-court settlement. 

Evidence your legal team will compile includes:

  • Police report
  • Medical records
  • Photos and video
  • Witness statements
  • First responder reports
  • Accident reconstruction

Bus accident causes can include road and weather conditions, bus driver fatigue, distraction, or intoxication, mechanical or maintenance issues, and many more. A bus accident case file will vary based on the cause of the collision. Your personal injury lawyer will collect evidence rather than taxing you or your family at an already trying time.

Insurance Negotiation Strategies Can Lead to Optimal Financial Recovery

Compensation after a bus accident can be difficult to assess on your own. A bus accident attorney can help you avoid unintentionally overlooking or omitting valid recoverable damages. 

Your compensation request can include:

  • Medical treatment, rehab, and therapy bills
  • Current and future losses of income
  • Property damage or destruction
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Physical pain and emotional distress
  • Diminished quality of life

Your personal injury attorney will document your compensation request with medical bills, a written prognosis, proof of lost income, and property repair bills. They may also request a statement from you detailing the toll the accident has taken on your life and lifestyle.

How the Statute of Limitations Affects Personal Injury Claims in California

Generally, the personal injury or wrongful death statute of limitations in California is two years, according to CCP § 335.1. If your lawsuit is not filed accordingly, the court could refuse to allow you to file it at all. They could also dismiss your case without ever hearing its merits. 

Either outcome will mean you have fewer legal options to fight for compensation. A lawyer handling your case will clarify your filing deadline. They will also explore any exceptions that might toll or extend the statute of limitations.

The Advantages of Getting Legal Representation for Bus Accidents

The sooner you seek legal advice and support for your case, the better. Early intervention means they can preserve evidence and speak to witnesses while their recollections are vivid. Your lawyer will also:

  • Compile and submit supporting evidence
  • Search for photos and surveillance footage
  • Complete and submit forms and paperwork 
  • Provide ongoing updates on your case
  • Handle all case-related communication
  • Consult medical and bus industry experts

After an initial consultation, your legal team will clarify their strategy, action steps, and fee structure. Most will represent you on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not have to pay anything up front or wait to obtain legal support when you need it most. 

Understand the Steps Involved in the Bus Accident Settlement Process

Negotiations with insurance companies for a fair settlement can be a multi-step, prolonged process. Your lawyer will assess your claim and send proof of its value with a settlement demand letter. From there, the steps to a settlement agreement include:

  • A settlement offer is made
  • If not accepted, a counteroffer is made
  • Parties negotiate back and forth
  • A settlement agreement is reached
  • Agreed-upon compensation is provided

Nothing prevents you from attempting to resolve your case on your own. When you hire a lawyer rather than working alone, their familiarity with personal injury cases can help you secure a fair financial settlement.

Call (818) 507-8525 for Help Fighting for Compensation After a Bus Accident

A bus accident lawyer can guide your negotiations with the insurance companies. They can protect you from a speedy, but flawed, settlement offer and fight for the financial recovery you need and deserve. 
The bus companies and their insurers will have legal representation, but you should too. Learn more about the negotiation process and your compensation options by contacting our case evaluation team at KJT Law Group today.

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