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The Role of a Medical Malpractice Attorney: How They Help Victims

Medical malpractice lawyers manage all aspects of a victim’s legal case against the doctor, clinic, hospital, or other medical facility. This allows the victim to focus fully on their health and well-being and continue their treatment and recovery when possible. 

KJT Law Group represents injured clients in the greater Los Angeles area, including those suffering from injuries that medical negligence caused. If you have questions or concerns about how to proceed with a malpractice case involving a healthcare professional, reach out to our personal injury attorney team for your free consultation with our team. 

How Do Malpractice Lawyers Help Clients Navigate the Legal Process for Recovery?

When a personal injury attorney takes on a medical malpractice case, they handle all essential steps to develop, present, and win their client’s case. This includes:

  • Investigating the medical incident
  • Preparing a compelling case
  • Following all necessary laws
  • Navigating the legal process

The pursuit of justice means the attorney will aim to hold the negligent parties accountable and recover compensation for the client, which can be a person of any age since there are no age restrictions for medical malpractice cases. This compensation includes money for the victim’s economic and non-economic expenses and other losses.  

Medical malpractice attorney services usually include: 

  • Answering questions and addressing concerns
  • Managing all communications with the involved parties
  • Gathering all evidence necessary to establish their client’s claims
  • Developing a compelling compensation case
  • Securing medical expert testimony as required 
  • Demanding fair compensation from the insurance carriers
  • Negotiating a fair settlement agreement that meets their clients’ needs
  • Suing and preparing the case for court when necessary
  • Representing the client’s best interests throughout the process

Legal aid for medical malpractice victims often comes in the form of a personal injury lawyer familiar with the applicable statutes and best practices in these cases. Some attorneys focus solely on medical negligence cases.   

Your Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Build a Compelling Case for Compensation

One of the many benefits of a medical malpractice attorney handling your personal injury lawsuit is you can focus on your healing and recovery. At the same time, they take care of your legal case. This is especially important because the laws regulating medical malpractice lawsuits are often complex. They vary based on location but could include: 

  • Specific procedures for filing the notice of intent to sue
  • Requirements related to medical expert review of the case
  • Limits on financial recovery

A medical malpractice lawyer will gather evidence, including detailed records about the medical issues their client suffered due to the medical error, enlist experts’ help, and develop a compelling argument that shows how the medical care provider or facility acted negligently. 

They will also identify the expenses and losses incurred from medical negligence, documenting and valuing these recoverable economic and non-economic damages. This is essential to recovering fair compensation in these cases. 

An Attorney Handles Negotiations for Medical Malpractice Settlements

Another key component of medical negligence lawyer assistance on a malpractice case is that the attorney will handle all negotiations and other communications with the liable parties and their insurance carriers. There are often strict rules about serving notice, providing documentation, and providing the opportunity for an out-of-court settlement in these cases. 

Many personal injury cases, including medical negligence cases, often settle without going to trial. This makes settlement negotiations a key part of resolving these cases. In fact, this is the most common way lawyers recover compensation for clients who suffered financial losses. 

If you hire a medical malpractice attorney to handle your case, your lawyer will use proven negotiation techniques and compelling evidence that shows what occurred to seek a fair payout on your behalf. If they are successful, this will end the case, and you will receive compensation.

If the negotiations are not productive, your attorney can sue the doctor, clinic, or hospital and proceed with the civil medical negligence case. This could result in going to a jury trial and asking the jury to award fair compensation as allowed under any applicable limits in your state. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer does not have to worsen your financial situation. Most malpractice attorneys represent clients based on a contingency fee basis. Even if you hire a catastrophic injury lawyer to handle your case, you should not need to pay anything up front. 

Instead, medical malpractice attorneys work for a percentage of the payout they secure for you in the case. This means you pay nothing until (and unless) they close your case.  

Did You Suffer Medical Negligence? Discuss Your Legal Options With Our Medical Malpractice Team for Free

At KJT Law Group, our medical malpractice attorneys represent clients in the greater Los Angeles area. We provide free initial case consultations for those with questions or are ready to proceed with a legal case against the healthcare provider who caused their injuries. 

Such injuries could result from medication errors, anesthesia errors, surgical mistakes, errors in diagnosis, or any other scenario in which you suffered harm after a medical provider treated you. If you suffered injuries due to medical professionals’ negligence, we are here for you. We will explain how we help medical malpractice victims and how our attorneys can help. Contact us online or by calling (818) 507-8525 now to get started.

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