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How to Protect Your Rights and Interests After a Dog Bite: Attorney Guidance

If you suffered an injury from a dog, you can take steps to protect your right to pursue financial compensation with an injury claim or dog bite lawsuit. You can protect your dog bite legal rights by getting treatment for your injuries, preserving evidence from the attack, and documenting the incident with the relevant authorities.

Our personal injury attorney can guide you through the process with personalized counsel, defend your rights, and operate in your best interests. 

Seeking Medical Care After a Dog Bite Protects Your Interests

Having a doctor examine you after a dog attack should be your first step. Canine bites and other injuries can cause infections, scarring, and other complications, so the sooner you seek help, the better.

Beyond that, seeking treatment might not seem like a step that has anything to do with protecting your rights, but medical treatment functions as one of the first and most important records of an attack. Bite injury victims can strengthen their claim for compensation when they have medical records proving what happened.

It Verifies the Dog Bite Attack Happened

Getting medical care creates evidence—appointment records, imaging and bloodwork, doctor’s notes, treatment plans, prescriptions, etc. All of these serve as proof of an attack and can make the difference when working to prove you were hurt. 

It Takes Stock of Your Injuries

The evidence mentioned above also documents the types of injuries you suffered. You may not realize how much you were hurt until a doctor examines you. You may assume you’re fine and miss out on your chance at fair compensation, only to suffer the effects of the attack later. 

It Lays the Foundation for Damages

Presenting detailed information about your condition makes it easier to file a compensation claim. If you don’t know the full extent of your injuries, you can’t know if a settlement offer is fair. Our dog bite attorneys can use your records to create a detailed breakdown of the medical damages you need. 

Document Everything to Protect Your Dog Bite Compensation

Protecting your case’s evidence protects you. In addition to medical records, you can help avoid jeopardizing a future claim or suit by collecting and preserving:

  • Photos of injuries
  • Photos of the attack site
  • Video footage
  • Witness testimony
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Financial records
  • Expert analysis

You might not be able to get some of these things on your own. Our firm’s dog bite lawyers can track down leads from your case and other documentation to prove negligence and liability for a dog bite attack

Report the Attack and File an Injury Claim After a Dog Bite

As with getting care and preserving evidence, reporting your dog bite to the authorities creates a record. Protecting your rights and interests in any personal injury case is about documentation. 

Depending on the circumstances, you can report the attack to the police or the local animal control office. An officer’s report also serves as evidence. They might even have previous records on the dog that could prove useful in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Speaking of insurance claims, report the attack to insurers and file a claim. While claims don’t have statutes of limitations like dog bite lawsuits do, you still don’t want to wait too long before filing; delays are sometimes viewed as a sign that you aren’t as injured as you say. 

Don’t Say Too Much to Insurers

Although filing a claim protects your eventual compensation, oversharing with adjusters can jeopardize your damages. Insurers only need to know:

  • Who the attack involved
  • Where and when it happened
  • That there were injuries

Everything else can go through us. Our personal injury lawyers will provide legal guidance on dealing with insurance companies

Talk to a Dog Bite Attorney and Get Guidance About Your Legal Rights

You can receive dog attack legal advice immediately after you suffer an injury. Dog bite injury attorneys can protect you by:

  • Talking to adjusters, only providing relevant information, and spotting attempts to trip you up or undervalue your claim.
  • Gathering and preserving evidence (e.g., medical records, witness statements) by tracking down leads and exploring all avenues.
  • Comparing your medical, career, and personal losses to settlement offers to ensure you receive what you are due.
  • Advising you of dog bite laws and state statutes of limitations (time limits) that could apply to your case. 
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf if an insurance claim isn’t possible or doesn’t produce results. 

If you’re at all worried about your interests after a pet attack, an attorney can provide you with clarity on what matters. 

Legal Recourse for Dog Bites

A workers compensation Lawyers can clarify who to hold responsible for your injuries and seek damages. Liability for dog attacks rests on the dog’s owner. In states with strict liability laws, that means you can seek damages for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress, even if the dog never showed any prior viciousness. 

However, that doesn’t mean the dog owner won’t put up a fight against a fair settlement. Even under strict liability rules, which CIV § 3342 outlines, pet owners might try to claim you provoked the dog or were not where you were supposed to be when the bite incident happened. Our lawyers are prepared for these common defenses and have experience crafting arguments on behalf of dog bite victims. 

You Don’t Have to Protect Your Interests After a Dog Attack Alone – We Can Help

Call KJT Law Group today for attorney guidance and to learn more about what to do after a dog attack. You can protect your rights and interests and potential compensation. Reviewing the incident with us will cost you nothing, and we can get started on your case right away. 

Animal attacks are serious, and if you or a loved one has experienced physical pain, psychological trauma, or impaired quality of life, you deserve the maximum compensation the responsible parties owe you. We can represent you. Call now for a free initial consultation.

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