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The Importance of Medical Records in Dog Bite Claims

compelling case. Relevant medical records are crucial in a dog bite lawsuit because they document the severity of injuries and the care required to address them. They are just one piece of the puzzle, though. 

Working with a dog bite attorney will ensure you have all the key evidence needed to seek and recover compensation based on the injuries, expenses, and losses you experienced. 

Understanding the Importance of Medical Documentation of Dog Bite Injuries

Without medical documentation, we cannot recover fair workers compensation for our clients in a dog bite attack claim. Without injuries, you have no case. This makes medical records essential in these cases. 

Relevant medical records are a key part of dog bite claim evidence because these injuries can vary widely. The severity of the injury, the required treatment, the patient’s prognosis, and any future care are all important components in these cases, and the medical records help us to document these factors. 

In addition, we often work with medical experts who can testify to the long-term effects of the injuries, the victim’s prognosis, and their future care needs. This is possible because we offer the medical records and other documentation for their review. For example, when there are injuries to a child, we may be able to establish their need for plastic surgery on an injured hand or arm to ensure proper movement. 

What Dog Bite Damages Are Recoverable With Medical Records and Other Evidence?

When our attorneys say we need your medical records for dog bite compensation, it is because we seek fair compensation for our clients based on the expenses and losses they incurred. This includes the physical and emotional pain you experienced, your medical treatment, and future expenses related to your care. 

We also take other steps to determine the potential settlement range of your damages, including working with medical experts to determine your ongoing and future care needs. We gather bills, income documents, receipts, and other paperwork to document additional costs. 

We also look into the severity of your injuries to determine their current and future effects.

This allows us to fully understand your economic and non-economic damages suffered because of the dog bite and seek compensation to cover them fairly. We want to get justice for you, and this requires us to build a compelling case that clearly shows the injuries you experienced and how they continue to affect your life.

What Do the Laws Say About Dog Bite Claims Based on Your Injuries?

When it comes to liability in a dog bite case, the owner is generally at fault in California, even if the dog has no history of vicious behavior. Under CIV § 3342, dog owners have a duty of care to keep other people safe from their dogs. Their homeowner’s insurance, or another insurance policy, should cover the costs associated with the victim’s injury up to the policy maximum.

Generally—even when a dog is in a public place, lawfully in a private place, or on the owner’s property—the owner must have control of their dog by keeping them on a leash, under voice control, or otherwise contained. This is per local laws such as Los Angeles County’s licensing and leash laws. 

How Can a Dog Bite Attack Attorney Help With My Case?

When you choose to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your dog bite case, this decision comes with many advantages. You do not have to deal with any of the claims process, investigating the incident, gathering evidence and medical records, or even talking to the insurance carrier. Instead, you can focus on your medical care and healing from your injuries. Your lawyer will take care of the rest.

Our attorneys understand the legal importance of medical records and injury documentation for dog bites. We will ensure they have all the relevant records and other documents to show what happened, the injuries you suffered, the medical bills for you to pay, and your future care needs. This is essential, along with other documentation, to recovering a fair payout in these cases.

Our dog bite attorneys work based on contingency. We do not ask clients to pay upfront fees or hourly charges. Instead, we go to work and use firm resources to build a case. Clients only pay after we close the case—and win. 

Discuss Your Dog Bite Case With Our Team for Free

KJT Law Group provides free consultations for dog bite victims and their families in our service area. Our team represents victims who suffered injuries and required medical care for their dog bites. We can often help our clients seek and recover fair compensation. Contact us today for your free case review with our team: (818) 507-8525

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