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How Do Expert Witnesses Influence Medical Malpractice Cases?

Every successful medical malpractice case has one thing in common: evidence. And what’s often the strongest evidence in these cases? Testimony from expert witnesses, including nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and others with relevant insight. Your medical malpractice lawyer can use these experts’ statements to bolster various elements of your case and pursue damages from the liable party. 

KJT Law Group has a fleet of personal injury attorneys who can rely on their relationships with expert witnesses to strengthen your personal injury claim or lawsuit. Understanding your options begins with a free, no-obligation case review. 

Expert Witnesses Add Credibility to Medical Malpractice Cases 

Your attorney will consult with healthcare professionals at each phase of your case. For instance, suppose you suffered complications from a surgical error. Your attorney would consult with a surgeon in the same field as yours and get insight into the degree of the error. Here, your lawyer would learn whether the complication was unavoidable or whether it stemmed from another party’s negligence.  

When it comes to determining the cost of your damages (such as your anticipated healthcare needs), your lawyer may consult with medical billing departments, consultants from insurance companies, and other professionals. Their findings will give them unique insight into what compensation could constitute a fair settlement. 

Your Lawyer Relies on Expert Testimony to Build Strong Cases 

Our medical malpractice lawyers employ tailor-made strategies to recover compensation for our clients. No two cases are the same, so neither are our strategies. When building your case, we may: 

  • Consult with doctors about the severity of your condition. Your case must show that because you suffered injuries, you deserve compensation. So, we consult with doctors to learn about your condition, its treatments, and its effect on your life. That way, we can present the strongest possible case to the liable insurance company. 
  • Uncover the reason for your injury. Your lawyer needs to understand the reason for the medical error, as this will inform who is responsible for your losses. For instance, you may initially think that your doctor prescribed the wrong medication, and this nearly caused you to overdose. Yet, an investigation may reveal that the pharmacist incorrectly filled the script, causing your injury. 

Often, we find that insurance companies don’t want to pay out medical malpractice claims because they tend to be high-stakes matters. Yet, once we start presenting the information we’ve gathered from expert witnesses, the insurer may be more willing to settle. 

With Expert Witnesses, Your Lawyer Can Prove the Elements of Negligence 

A successful medical malpractice case must illustrate that because a healthcare provider didn’t uphold their field’s standard of care, you were injured and have damages. To prove this, your lawyer may work with healthcare professionals from different fields. Then, using their statements, your legal team can illustrate these four factors: 

  • Standard of care. Every healthcare provider must render treatment that adheres to their field’s accepted standard of care. The standard varies by field. For instance, a dermatologist may have a different standard of care than, say, an emergency room technician. 
  • Breach of the standard of care. A healthcare provider breaches their standard of care when they act in a way not expected of a reasonable professional in the same position. For instance, a reasonable healthcare provider would check a patient’s medical history before prescribing a medication. They would not leave adverse reactions or contraindications to chance. 
  • Causation. An avoidable medical error caused your injury. 
  • Damages. You have losses stemming from the medical error, which may include further treatment expenses, pain and suffering, and disability. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to fully understand the concepts outlined above. When you entrust your case to a personal injury attorney, they can prove your case’s elements and seek fair compensation from the liable party. In the meantime, you can focus on healing, rebuilding your life, and preserving your mental health. 

You Benefit From Having Expert Witnesses Influence Your Medical Malpractice Case 

When your lawyer consults with healthcare providers on your medical malpractice claim, you benefit from having an expert: 

  • Understand the medical field’s standards and practices 
  • Help your lawyer create a legal strategy 
  • Testify regarding the severity of your condition and necessary treatment 
  • Add credibility to your personal injury claim 
  • Help you make decisions 
  • Review your medical records 

The attorneys at KJT Law Group are certified professionals with years of experience behind their names. We routinely work with healthcare providers when we need to fill in the gaps of complicated malpractice cases. With our firm, you get more than a lawyer; you get our network of consultants who can help us help you. 

Begin Your Free Case Review With KJT Law Group Now 

Having expert witnesses could mean the difference between a straightforward claim and a hotly contested one. Don’t handle your case like a DIY project while dealing with a serious condition; you deserve this time to heal and move forward. Call KJT Law Group and learn about partnering with our medical malpractice lawyers who help injured people. Dial (818) 507-8525

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