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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

Some car accident cases require an expert witness to establish how negligence caused an accident or injury or how the injury will affect the plaintiff (injured person) throughout their life. Many types of expert witnesses may be necessary in a personal injury case, including an accident reconstructionist, a financial expert witness, or a medical expert witness.

Nuestro car accident lawyers will discuss whether we may need to work with expert witnesses on your personal injury claim.

Types of Expert Witnesses Your Car Crash Case May Need

Expert witnesses play a vital role in personal injury cases. They provide valuable insight and testimony that can make a difference in how much compensation someone receives for their injuries. Personal injury attorneys depend on the specialized knowledge of expert witnesses to build and strengthen cases and secure fair compensation for our clients.

The types of expert witnesses we use depend on your case. Some examples include: 

  • Medical expert
  • Mental health expert
  • Accident reconstructionist
  • Manufacturing expert
  • Economic or financial expert 

Expert Witnesses Can Establish How Negligence Caused an Accident or Injury

We may need an expert witness to demonstrate how an accident or injury occurred. 

How an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Establishes Accident Cause

This type of expert witness investigates the scene and analyzes the factors of the case to recreate an accident. This helps to determine how and why the accident occurred. For example, if fault is disputed, an accident reconstruction specialist can investigate the accident scene and recreate an accident to determine how the accident occurred. 

Manufacturing Experts Can Establish How a Defective Product Caused or Contributed to an Accident

Suppose your accident resulted from a tire blowout. A manufacturing expert can demonstrate that a defect in the tire caused the blowout, rather than, for example, driving on a bald tire.

Expert Witnesses Can Demonstrate the Effects of an Accident or Injury on a Victim

Expert witnesses also establish how an injury has affected and will continue to affect a victim. They can demonstrate an accident or injury’s physical, financial, and emotional effects.

Using Medical Expert Witnesses to Prove an Injury’s Physical and Emotional Effects

Un medical expert witness can demonstrate how an injury will continue to affect a person for months or years. 

For example, a car is T-boned by a driver who ran a red light. A passenger hit their head on the window and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A medical expert witness can examine the accident victim and their medical records to establish the short- and long-term effects of a TBI. The expert witness can also establish what medical care the TBI victim will need long term.

Un mental health expert can prove that an accident victim will suffer from anxiety, depression, and mood swings and experience difficulty with impulse control. These long-term impacts can make it difficult for a TBI victim to maintain relationships. They can also demonstrate that the accident makes it impossible for the victim to drive or ride in a car without intense flashbacks, leading them to lose their job. They can tie the mental health effects to financial losses. 

Using Financial Expert Witnesses

Financial expert witnesses can establish how an injury will affect the victim financially over the years. Continuing with the same example above, a financial or economic expert witness can prove that the victim’s memory loss, insomnia, and fatigue will likely make it impossible for them to keep a job. These expert witnesses are called vocational rehabilitation experts. 

A financial expert can also establish how much medical care and assistive devices will cost the injured victim over the years. 

Expert Witnesses Break Down Complex Concepts

In addition to establishing how accidents happen and how injuries affect a victim, expert witnesses use their expertise and skillset to explain complex concepts to the jury. They may do this with visual evidence or explain a concept in layman’s terms. They also provide important context or insights for certain information or evidence. 

Do I Have to Pay for an Expert Witness?

Expert witnesses can be expensive. However, most attorneys will cover the upfront costs of hiring them and build that into their contingency fee agreement. The fee may be included in the percentage they take or an added charge once your case has succeeded. Be sure to ask an attorney what costs you will be expected to pay out of pocket before hiring them. 

Our Accident Attorneys Have Established Relationships With Expert Witnesses

Nuestro Abogados de lesiones personales have a network of expert witnesses who can provide authoritative testimony in any given situation. We will discuss your case with you and give our informed opinion about whether an expert witness is needed. In many cases, an expert is unnecessary but can always be beneficial. If we believe they are, we will ensure you understand the cost and what you will be expected to pay. Call KJT Grupo de Derecho for help with your accident claim: (818) 507-8525. The initial consultation is free.

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